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Note: While every care is taken in confirming this Program, it is subject to change without notice if circumstances beyond our control dictate.


Adult: $255.00 inc GST

Adult with concession: $215.00 inc GST

Hatchling (8 - 18 years old) : $165.00 inc GST 

Held at: TAFE Queensland Brisbane - South Bank Campus, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane.

Time: 7:45am - 5:20pm

Parking is $16.50 including GST for the Saturday only.

Please note that here are a few changes in the booking process this year.

I. You book and pay with Paypal.

2. Then you go and select your sessions, only after you have a conference number emailed to you.

3. You can change the booking selections yourself up to 2 weeks before (until 23rd June) you can make changes. After that, this function will close for editing. 

4. CYA Confrence invoices will arrive a few days after your booking.


Time           Duration             Studio & Workshop/Masterclass/Presenter

Studio 1 

7:45am   15 min       Registration & Morning Coffee

8:00am   50 min       Conference Opening, Indigenous Acknowledgment, Competition Winners

8:50am   50 min       Success Stories

9:40am   60 min       Julie Winters ~ Nielsen’s Book Research Facts and Figures in CYA Publishing in Australia.

10:40am  15 min      Morning Tea 

11:00am  90 min      Claire Saxby ~ Problem, Promise, Premise: What’s your story about? Plotting picture book stories. Ever been told your story is lovely, just too slight? Discover ways to build better stories. Participants will take away strategies to begin new stories, to extend and strengthen draft stories, and tools to assess a story's readiness for submission.

12:30pm  60 min       Lunch

13:35pm  45 min       Alex Adsett & Kristy Bushnell ~ In conversation: Why are there layers added to​ the industry? What benefit are they to me? Discuss why people in the writing​ industry would want to use an agent, or get their work seen professionally by an independent editor, before they submit to a trade publisher/ or before they self-publish​, addressing question around. Why do creators need to take that extra step in your career and your time? 

14:25pm  45 min       Sue Whiting ~ Story structure. The important skeleton that shouldn’t stay in the closet! The nitty gritty of how to use structure, plot and subplot to make your middle grade or YA novel compelling and suspense filled.

15:10pm  15 min       Afternoon Tea 

15:30pm  45 min       Sue Whiting ~ Story structure (Continued).

16:20pm  45 min      Naomi Gaskell - How Google can help you in your career: Making sure your website performs well, using Google My Business etc. - general business tools for small businesses: build interactive, voice-prompted story worlds using technology like the Google Assistant and using the newly launched Kids audiobook platform. 

17:05pm  15 min      Close of Conference. All attend as one lucky conference attendee will win a prize. 

Studio 2

11:00am  90 min      Rebecca Sheraton and Hayley Jackson ~ Linking your manuscript to the curriculum. This workshop aims to assist authors in navigating the Australian Curriculum Website, through exploring the variety of subjects and explaining the terminology used, providing the tools and confidence to link their own works to the Australian Curriculum.

12:30pm       60 min      Lunch

13:35pm      45 min       Samantha Turnbull ~ Creating A Media Buzz - Learn how to get journalists, bloggers and media influencers interested in your work… and how to handle it when a frenzy erupts. Topics include launch events, press releases, key contacts, interviews, social media, and working with and without a publicist.

14:25pm     45 min        Jules Faber ~ Story Boarding. Using storyboards to evoke stronger reaction and interest in your story.

15:10pm     15 min        Afternoon Tea

15:30pm     45 min       Jules Faber ~ Story Boarding (Continued).

16:20pm     Everyone return to Studio 1 for next session 

Studio 3

11:00am    90 min       Emma  Hall - IngramSpark ~ Self-Publishing: Getting it right! The growth of self-publishing; the importance of investing in your book with professional services for cover design, typesetting, etc.; the possibilities of Print on Demand and ebook platforms; marketing your book and building an author platform; and the importance of metadata in a digital environment in both national and international markets.

12:30pm     60 min     Lunch

13:35pm     90 min      Emma Hall ~ IngramSpark ~ Self-Publishing: Getting it right (Continued)

14:25pm     45 min      Belinda O’Brien ~ The Self-Publishing Road - The DO's. The DON'T. And the... I just WON’T! An in-depth path of an authors experience, including getting into Kmart, That's Life Magazine, and becoming a ten time reader's choice receiver.

15:10pm     15 min      Afternoon Tea

15:30pm     45 min      Belinda O’Brien ~ The Self-Publishing Road - The DO's. The DON'T. And the... I just WON’T! (Continued).

16:20pm     Everyone return to Studio 1 for next session

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