Aleesah Darlison

Date of Success: Agent 2009

Aleesah grew up in a tiny country town on the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia, and was always surrounded by loads of tame animals: horses, donkeys, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, ducks and even a pet rosella named Joe. And not so tame ones: dingoes, goannas, snakes, eels, echidnas, wallabies and much more.

Animals have always been a part of her life. That's why they feature in so many of her stories. Humans are luckier than we realise to have such amazing creatures sharing the world with us.

After attending university in Sydney, she lived and worked both in Australia and overseas in corporate marketing. 

A full time writer now, Aleesah can't imagine herself doing anything else. When she is not writing, you can find her  looking after her three children who are a constant source of amusement, inspiration and energy-deprivation - or keeping up with her two dogs who are pretty much the same amount of ‘work’ as her children.

You can visit Aleesah on her web site:



“In 2009, CYA offered one-on-one pitching sessions with publishers and agents. I knew this was too good an opportunity to miss. My meeting with Jacinta di Mase, literary agent, was a huge success. 

I submitted my CV and several manuscripts to her before the meeting so she could get a feel for my work and for me. I came to the meeting fully prepared: I had rehearsed a pitch about what I had achieved to date in my writing career, and where I was headed. I think my eagerness and determination to succeed must have shown through - and I did have a good track record, which I am still continually cultivating - because Jacinta agreed to represent me on the spot. Of course, I was floating on air for the rest of the day! 

Since then, Jacinta and I have been working together, submitting my work to publishers and celebrating successes along the way. 

It’s been a huge help to my career having an agent representing me, elevating my status as a writer, having someone to advise me on career development, offering my work to publishers and negotiating contracts on my behalf to save me all that stress and to protect my best interests. 

I viewed the cost of the pitching session at CYA as an investment in my writing career and it has well and truly paid off.”

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