Dimity Powell

Date of Success: Awarded Publishing Contract 2012

Dimity's past life included a lot of travel, a lot of people, and a lot of boats. She cruised around the world and in and out of a career in Hospitality and Marketing until she finally grounded herself back in Queensland. Family and a fortune which exists only in her fantasies now maintain and motivate her.

She loves eating cake with ice-cream, sailing on the beam and writing in her diary although combining all three makes her nauseous.

To Read, Write and Inspire, especially for Children, has been her passion for decades. She's been actively indulging in it since 2008 by writing picture books, chapter books and short stories for kids.

She has had her work published by the School Magazine, Australian Women Online and has won and been shortlisted for numerous writing awards. She cherishes the BP Award given to her by her Year 9 English teacher the most; for being a tenacious, quiet achiever.

"PS Who Stole Santa's Mail?" is her debut junior novel by Morris Publishing Australia


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Since attending my first CYA Conference in 2008 I’ve harboured a secret desire that one day I would be able to share my own success story. Listening to the achievements of others, no matter how tentative or grandiose, thrilled and empowered me to continue on my own quest. 

That year I entered picture book manuscripts and a chapter book manuscript into the CYA Competition, motivated mainly by the offer of detailed feedback. All entries, whilst not shortlisted were rated in the top ten placings. I was awestruck. I feverishly savoured every word on the feedback forms, dutifully noting any weak areas.

I have attended the Conference every year since then.

I have entered and attained encouraging (top ten) placings in the competition. I have pitched my wares to Industry personnel and relished the positive, immensely useful feedback. I have gained volumes on how to better myself and my craft from the illuminating seminars and workshops and I have received nothing but undiluted support every step of the way. 

I can honestly say that without this gem of a Conference, I would not be in the position to call myself a Children’s Author today. And I would never have persevered with perfecting that chapter book manuscript, which became “PS Who Stole Santa’s Mail?” and my first contracted book. 


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