Hélène Magisson

Date of success: 1st Place Competition 2013; Book Published: February 2015

Hélène has just completed her first picture book which will be published in February 2015.

But before that, she was a painting restorer and when she moved from France to settle to Australia, she thought that it was the perfect time for her to realise her dream: illustrating picture books.

For a few months, she worked every day to complete her portfolio and then, timidly, attended the CYA conference.

You can visit Hélène on her web site:  www.helenemagisson.com

and find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Helene-Magisson/725042790863996


In 2013 when I arrived at the CYA conference early in the morning, with my portfolio under my arm, I first wanted to have a look at the artwork wall. I found all the illustrations beautiful, interesting and so different. I was so far to imagine that I would win the first prize in this category.

I met so many energetic people at the conference that I keep a wonderful souvenir of.

The workshops I attended were so inspiring, and I am also grateful to the judges who gave me precious advice about my work and whose feedback was really supportive.

But the most exciting was the pitch I had with Sophia Whitfield from New Frontier... Two days later, she did propose me a beautiful project and after one month, I was starting working on the illustrations for my very first book!

Thank you to CYA, Tina, Ally and Sam for this fantastic experience. It gave me the opportunity to realize my dream.


Update ~ More good news: 

I wanted to share with everyone two good news items, thanks again to the CYA Conference. 

One is that I met Jacinta Dimase at the CYA Conference in 2015 and she now represents me. 

And the other good news is that I met Rochelle Manners also at the conference and I have signed a contract with Wombat books for a book to be published next year in 2017. 

So once again, thank you so so much to the CYA!!!!

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