Karen Tyrrell

Date of Success: 2013 Continued attendance, feedback and editor appointment feedback.

From the age of seven, Karen dreamed of teaching and reading books to young children. 

An ex teacher who taught primary school throughout Sydney and Brisbane, specialising in teaching creative writing, Gifted and Talented classes, and reading glorious book to a captivated audience.

In 2013, Karen returned to the classroom with my picture book, Bailey Beats the Blah as a children’s author presenting interactive story telling sessions and creative writing workshops.

Karen present pantomimes with puppets and costumes to libraries, books shops and festivals.

 You can visit Karen on her Blog:  www.karentyrrell.com


CYA Conference kick-started my career as a children’s author.

From my very first conference, I dreamed of creating stories to change children’s lives. The workshop presenters empowered me with step-by-step guides on how to write unforgettable characters and a compelling story line.  

I received excellent scores and in-depth feedback in CYA competitions. My consultancy with a target publisher provided me with valuable advice on how to enhance my book.

Without CYA, I could never call myself a children’s author. And I would never have persevered with picture book, Bailey Beats the Blah and junior novel, STOP the Bully.

My advice: NEVER, ever give up!

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