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Published Author & Hatchlings Competitions Open

16th January 2012

We are so glad to open the 2012 Published Author and Hatchlings Writing & Illustrating Competition today.

Hop on over to the relevant section in the COMPETITIONS page for more details.

2012 is already shaping up to be a fantastic conference, with the Published Author competition having Zoe Walton ~ Random House doing a critique on the winning entry for the published Author competition.

Final judged for the other sections will be announced as always after the competitions close on 30th APRIL 2012. Please not the date change in your diaries as the conference has moved to 7th JULY 2012, and is no longer in September.


An update on our Mother Africa support. 

What started out as a small project has had a snowball effect...We now have close on 6000 books waiting to ship.

A few too many to just put in a tea chest and send across. We are looking to work with another non-profit organisation to help us raise the funds and send these across later in the year in a container. At present they are being stored in Brendale and are still sitting in Melbourne and Sydney. There is an advert going into the truckies magazine this month to get some help in getting all the book into one place,(at the least cost) so if anyone has a contact for a charity drive from one of these cities up to Brisbane, please contact us.

Thank you to everyone who have donated books, and to the ladies who are acting as collection points for us - MUCH MUCH appreciated! 

CYA Conference is in the process of moving our web site across into a new program, invariably links get lost, get mixed up etc. There are still areas under construction that have to move across - but I am hoping that by 31st January 2012 it will all be present and correct. Please be patient while we move it across. Later in the year once the competition closes on 30th April, CYA Conference web site will move to a new web host, but you will get plenty of notice to redirect your favourites, change your cookies etc etc. We will remain:

CYA later!

Tina, Ally & Sam

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2012 Unpublished/Aspiring Competion Opens...

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5th January 2012

Happy New year everyone! 

So, you have made yourself another list of resolutions for this year. I hope one of them is to keep writing, drawing and enjoying it.

Perhaps one of those aims during 2012 is to enter a competition and receive some feedback on your entry? Yes?? Well you are in luck….CYA Conference has opened their Unpublished/Aspiring competition today!

Sorry if you are a Hatchling or a Published author - your date for opening is: 16th January 2012. Please do pop in and have another look then.

CYA Conference is in the process of moving our web site across into a new program, invariably it gave problems...big time...  I have now loaded the Unpublished Competition onto the old site, in the hope that by the 16th I shall have the new site up and running... hold thumbs!

I will let everyone know when the web site changes over so that you can change your bookmark pointers. 

Many thanks.

CYA Later!

Tina, Ally & Sam

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