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2011 CYA Conference Competition Opens ~ Unpublished / aspiring Section

12 February 2011

CYA Conference Writing and Illustrating Competition 2011 is now open! Thanks you so much to Claire Saxby and Tristan Bancks for allowing us to use extracts of their work for the illustration section. Much much appreciated.

Unpublished/aspiringection opened on 12th February 2011.

Stay tuned : Published Author Section opening on 1st March 2011 and ...

exciting news for Hatchlings...a writing and illustrating competition opens on 1st April 2011! Yeah!!!

So please keep coming back to the CYA Conference site for details to the section that is relevant to you.

Remember to use the electronic entry forms. 

New in 2011: You need to complete and submit the entry form ONLINE, attach your entry as part of the submission process as a Microsoft Word, RTF,  or  PDF format, and if it is a graphic/illustration in a JPG format. One entry form per one story, then redo the entry form for the next story etc etc...

There has been no price increase for CYA Conference competition, so its still great value for $16.50 and $17.50 Paypal payments respectively.

So, get your entries in by 30th June, and GOOD LUCK!

We have also posted the date of Saturday 10th September 2011 for the CYA Conference  and  Sunday 11th September 2011 for Hatchlings.

Pre-registrations are open if you want to take advantage of this facility. Note that owing to rising costs, there has had to be a slight price increase for 2011. 

CYA Conference attendance : $200.00 - through paypal: $206.00

Concessions: $175.00 - through paypal $180.50

Editor/Agent appointments: $90.00 - through paypal $93.00

QUT students (up to 20) : $75.00 - through paypal $77.50

Hatchlings remains unchanged: $ 99.00 - through paypal $102.00

The other exciting news is that CYA Conference is now supporting the Mother Africa Organisation, in Zimbabwe. We will hopefully be enhancing their already established education program with a long term literacy and numeracy program. Monetary donations are voluntary to this cause (and appreciated), as are the donation of books (new and pre-loved in good condition) we will be collecting at CYA Conference and Hatchlings. Personal inscriptions into the donated books would be appreciated.


CYA Later!

Tina and Ally

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