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Published author Competition

29th March 2012

Hey Published authors who are planning/thinking about entering CYA Conference competition, look what we just snuck into your competition Author Contest Entry Conditions Guidelines...

Part 1: Zoe Walton - Publisher of books for Children and Young Adults,(Novels)  in conjunction with Jeanmarie Morosin, Commissioning Editor -- Children's Books (Picture Book Entries) at Random House Australia will critique the winning entry. 


So, these two fantastic editors will be deciding on the final 3 entries together… you want that top spot of a critique by them? 

What's the famous saying: You have to be in it to win it! 

Entry details on the Competitions - Published Author page.

We have just updated the presenters page, and we will be continually updating it over the next few days. The full program will is growing closer and closer to being released. 

We have also put a few examples of real feedback given in the Judging Process for the Hatchlings as some schools were asking why their students needed to enter - they have their teachers for marking. We wanted to underline and say in big bold letters: 

CYA Conference Competitions are not about what's right and wrong, but what you can do to improve your work to have the best opportunity when it goes in front of a REAL editor at getting YOUR work published. Or if it gets through to the short list - to provide that opportunity to bypass the slush pile, and get in front of a REAL editor - quicker!

Reminder: The competitions all close on 30th April, and we might seem like we are going on about it - but with the date change we really don't want people to miss out this year!

CYA later - till next time.

Tina, Ally and Sam


19th March 2012

Technology is a weird mistress. You look around and there are more and more items needed to stay abreast and up to date in the world. Having this in our minds, we are so happy to announce we now have a QR code - this is used on the smart type phones, to point people directly towards out web site, and the exciting competitions, and programs etc.

So this will be on the new business cards, flyers etc.

We are excited...

And… we got a twitter account, for those who don't want to spend hours on Facebook.



Please do follow us and re-tweet our posts whenever you can – spreading the word about cyber space.

All very exciting.

Don't forget the competition closes on 30th April 2012 and the conference is OPEN for pre-bookings. The program will be released shortly.


Until then - CYA later alligators and hatchlings!


Tina, Ally and Sam.

CYA Success

Monday 5th March 2012

One of the best things about running CYA Conference, is hearing about the success stories from everyone, knowing that in our small way, we have helped another book baby come about.

And every now and again, we unexpectedly get public acknowledgement.

This happend Sunday when I opened an email from Renee Treml, who had been interviewed by the Brisbane's Map Magazine. They made a FANTASTIC mention of CYA Conference - ok so they used the full words becuase for people not in our industry CYA could mean anything….  the Childrens and Young Adult Writers and Illustarters Conference Competition….. (phew thats a mouth fulll becuase we don't use it often do we!) 

Thank you to Renee, but also to the Brisbane's Map Magazine. This is their web address, and a screen print to see you are in the correct place.

Renee's success story is yet to go onto the success page, but other who have been posted lately are:

Ben Long & Tom Hermann with  - Tickle Me Zoo 

James Floey with  - In the Lion

Judy Paulson with  -  Baby Tawnies 

For people wanting to achieve in the CYA Competitions,  its worth going back into the Previous Years and looking at these peoples illustrations entries, from beautiful pencil sketches like James Foley's, to Renee and Judy's completed books, there is no denying that the CYA Competition is used by as a stepping stone into publication.

And for that we are so proud, it means that we are doing out jobs right. Boththe entry and the CYA Conference organisers, judges and final judges. 

(And we can't forget the phenominal success of  The Glasshouse, written by Paul Collins and Illustated by Jo Thompson, that was one of the options for the CYA Conference competition, and is now in third or forth print run? )

But its not only illustrators who are achieving with CYA Conference help.

Have a look at 2012 Presenter Kerri Lane. Kerri is a CYA Success from 2009. Kerri is a multi published author who met with Agent Jacinta DiMase on site at CYA Conference, and signed with Jacinta. Within a few months, she had multiple book contracts.

Kate WIllson used the competition to hone her skills up to a publishable standard, and Have A Go, Henry is being published in 2012.

Of course there are so many more - just tae a look at the success page - and you will see our book babies. 

Have a great week - don't forget to get your entries into the CYA Confrence competition and do your pre bookings!

CYA later!

Tina, Ally and Sam


2012 Bookings Are Open!

1 March 2012

At CYA Conference we are so excited as today we not only opened the bookings for conference, but also revealed a heap of our presenters….and there are still more to come….

Phewww….it's been a big day!

So lets open up the doors, and see inside.

5425587 s

What's it all about? The presenters, and what you can learn from them… our sneak peak at the line up includes ( but is not limited to…) 

Paul Collins

Meredith Costain

Isobelle Carmody

Paul Griffin - NY, USA  

(Thanks to Whitsundays Voices on the Coast for sharing costs with us on this international.)

Steph Bowe

Craig Smith

Dr Virginia Lowe

Jo Thompson

Kerri Lane

Belinda Jeffrey

Katherine Battersby

John Denalis

Jan Latta

AgentJill Corcoran, Herman Agency, USA 

(Thanks to SCBWI Australia for for sharing costs with us on this international.)

Pictures and BIOs will go up soonest!

What's different in 2012?

6th July 2012 - Networking Dinner:

This year we have decided to have our networking dinner on Friday 6th July 2012 at 6pm - 9pm. Yes, that is the night before the conference. 

It will be held at the Southbank Institute of Technology, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane,  Qld, 4101 in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Resturant. 

With most of the presenters and industry professionals congrigating at the dinner and most of our volunteers, and anyone else who wants to join us for the occassion, it will be a great evening… 

I did post a sneak peek on our FaceBook page recently of the menu…but then was given an alternate menu…am now deliberating…but we are getting together that on is a certain….stay tuned for which menu we chose... 

Prebooking is essential for this dinner: $40 for dinner - excludes drinks, and $41.50 by paypal.

Onsite Parking: 7th July 2012

There is limited parking allocated to CYA Conference for the day of the conference. Please book and pay for your parking, and you will be sent a parking disk a few weeks before conference (Don't lose it.) 

There is a lift coming up from the parking into the H block where the auditorium is situated.

Cost of onsite Parking: $12.00 direct debit or $ 13.50 PayPal.

Once again we have a CYA Conference preferred hotel:

CYA Conference has reserved some great rooms in the Diana Plaza Hotel (within walking distance to the venue) for conference attendees at the same corporate rate as we are being given. 

This rate is for a Deluxe Queen or a Deluxe Twin and includes one breakfast per room (additional hot breakfast is $10pp or $11.50 by PayPal).

 CYA Conference will book your room for you, but you will be responsible for any extras. CYA Conference will be billed for any extras and we will invoice your for them, and collect payment. 

Direct Debit cost is $129.00/night includes one breakfast each morning. Email us to let us know you need a room. 

Email CYA conference here for booking a hotel room with direct debit deposit.

Paypal is $134. including PayPal charges. 

So without much more fanfare…. CYA Conference invites you to Pre-register for the 2012 Conference. We'd love to see you there…

Alligators Program Page

Hatchlings Program Page

Don't forget - competitions close on 3th April 2012!!!

CYA later!

Tina, Ally and Sam

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