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27 April 2010 

The long awaited CYA Conference Success Stories Page is up!

Share with us their successes as dreams become reality and CYA somehow has a hand in helping authors and illustrators put books with their names on them, onto bookshelves!

Published Author Competition opens on 1st May 2010 - so check back for those details on that exciting part of the competition.

We have had a few problems with the electronic entry form, please keep trying and if it does give you trouble, let me know  so I can fix it, sometimes it is just the internet - but sometimes, I have missed something in the coding in my haste and need to go and make it work - for everyone.

Don’t forget to send in your electronic form for your entry/ies for the competition. Both published and aspiring competitions close on 30th June 2010, so make sure you are working on your entry/ies now and getting them ready.  Remember that if we receive them before 1st June, we try to ‘encourage you in the right direction’ if you have made an error - eg. Like a formatting problem etc, but after that - there isn’t time as the entries cascade in daily.

The program for the conference has gone quickly from draft to nearly all presenters locked in  - and what a program it is going to be. Again we are trying to make everyone in the CYA genre aware of whats out there, and how to access the information, people etc, This is paramount to the conference, as is the hands on workshops and master classes...we can’t wait to reveal this program to you. 

The pre-bookings are happening fast - and I have input the pre-booking button for the agent/editor pitches now on the Payments page. So if you want one of those agent/editor session - please go book ASAP as last year they sold out fast, and we did have a few people who were left in the cold with no appointment. We will get back to you in order  of the pre-bookings received, as to who you want your appointment with when the program becomes available for general use, and pre-bookings get preference for their editor before general bookings.

Till 1st May - CYA later alligators!

Tina & Ally


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