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PNG update - Books have arrived

The exciting news is that the first container containing some donated books has arrived at MBE in PNG and has been sorted. HOPPL container has also arrived…YEAH!!! 

There will be more personal picture to follow after the trips are all made - but to give you an idea of whats happening across the sea in PNG with all the donated books…

Remembering: -

Base 1 - MBE - Milne Bay Estates Mobile LibraryMilne Bay Province) - 1929 Kms from Brisbane

Base 2 - HOPPL - Higaturu Oil Palm Plantations Ltd  (Oro Province) - 2131 Kms from Brisbane 

From these two bases, the books are distributed across the provinces, and across the islands.

To give perspective into the places these books are reaching - here is a small window into Kate's life these next few months:

Delivery that Kate is doing - Dogura - North Coast of Milne Bay (2hr drive and 1 hour boat ride) - 1750 books for their High School and a few of the local Elementary and Primary Schools.  Dogura (if you google it, there is the largest cathedral in PNG there...seats 800 which was not destroyed during the war).  The history behind some of these remote villages is amazing. 

Google Map to see where it is - Kate is in Alotau. The blue marker is the village of Dogura.

HOPPL  - Base 2 - to help them set up their first library which has now arrived in Port and should be almost on the ground at the school…291kms away, Kate will fly here ( there is a huge mountain range between these towns) to help with this first shipment. More shipments will follow and they will also spread the books around that province, just as Kate is doing in Milne Bay Province.

Kate's travels continue:  Misima Island (formerly called St. Aignan) (45 minute flight) first week of July delivering books to High School and Elementary/Primary Schools.  The books will go by boat before Kate - it's a 17 hour boat ride.

A google earth image - the green flag is the far top left Alotau and the red flag in the far right - Misima Island… 276kms across the sea…

Also planned soon as Kate is already packing this pallet of books - (aiming at 1000 books) from Milne Bay which is heading to an Island in Morobe Province - Siassi Island.  The Elementary and Primary have not had any books since 1960-70s when Australian Government made a donation.  This was the last time!!!!  This is not an uncommon story as nearly all schools especially in the remote locations face the same.  

Google image - Milne Bay in the green marker at the bottom and Siassi Island in the top red marker.

So its all exciting seeing where the books are travelling to, and making the collections all worth while.

Don't forget - CYA Conference on 6th July 2013, there are still places available. Editor sessions are booking out fast - and there are only a few places left with specific editors, before the 2nd choice options will have to kick in - so get your rego in as soon as! 

CYA later! 

Tina, Ally & Sam 

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