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Success updates

Knowing that someone has a book contract is always exciting, and knowing that you in some small way had something to do with that person acquiring that contract - make it even more exciting!!!

It is with great pleasure that we update the success page today with 4 amazing successes, and let you in on the secret that 3 of them,   Georgie Donaghey,  Hélène Magisson,  and Jennifer Loakes will have books in their grubby hands before conference, so they will be on the success panel. The other one… well Megan Forward is in the draft already for 2016 CYA Conference.

Congratulations to all these beautiful talented ladies and we wish you every success in your future with your books! 

Georgie Donaghey

Hélène Magisson

Jennifer Loakes

Megan Forward

Competition Update:

The entries continue to come in fast and thick from the judges, which is fabulous to see, and we are on track for getting all of those completed in time for the Final Editors to read and make their picks. So keep those fingers and toes crossed!

The invoices will be emailed out this week - so look out for them. We have had a large number of people put CASH as their transaction type, and then pay by PayPal, so you will see the shortfall this year is being requested. You will each be sent a separate ayPal request for payment email - yes they are legitimate and the CYA Conference address.

Conference Update:

With few editor appointments now going begging, it is time to get in there and book one if you want a 15 minute preread consultation. Remember the work is due at CYA’s email by 14th June 2015.

The conference is shaping up to be a big one!

Until next time, keep writing, keep illustrating and keep smiling!

CYA later!

Tina & The CYA Conference Team

Competition closed

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Time has passed and the CYA Conference 2015 competitors are now closed. 

Your competition entries are being processed and put into the judging system for the volunteer judges to work their wonders on for the next few weeks.

Thank you, to everyone who entered, and congratulations for entering, for putting yourselves out there. Remember, there can only be a few winners in the competition who get their work in front of an editor, but everyone is a winner for taking this step to attain feedback on your entries. (Which will be back to you by 31st August 2015.)

Short list are expected out on the evening of 18th June 2015. 

Your final judges will be announced soon…

So what’s next… you need to begin working on your editor pitch documents that are due on 14th June 2015.

Conference updates: Three editors are not sold out and 3 more real close - if you were planning on booking an editor appointment, get onto that quickly.

The CYA Conference Hotel is booked out. So if you are now planning on coming and need accommodation, go look on:



Until next time…

CYA later!

Tina & The CYA Conference Team

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