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Barrage of news updates…

A few updates have been going on on the CYA Conference site.

Obviously - we sent an email about the all important program change - and how that would impact you, and we have been flooded with good wishes for the new redesign and how everyone loves it and is just as excited fo this one. That is such great news!!! 

We had an editor and an agent shake up to: 

Editor: Kristy Bushnell went independent - and we will keep her booking open till 14th June to give people time to book in with her.

Agent: We welcomed into our on site professionals  - Danielle Binks, from Jacinta di Mase Management. And we will keep her booking open till 14th June to give people time to book in with her too.

A few editors/agents now are avaialabe on Friday, and a few will also now be joining us on Saturday - so make sure you look carefully for their avaialbility on the online booking form where you will see the number of booking left with each professional onsite.  See the Editor Appointments Page for details. 

We have been adding the CYA Successes to our precious archive, and belive me, keeping track of all these is proving really interesting. So many people to give beautiful gold badges to at conference.. I’mso happy for each and every book baby that comes along becuase of each of thier successes.

Our latest are: 

Emma Middleton

Catherine Pelosi, 

Kelli Byrnes 


Taryn Bashford


Did you look up their sucess stories - each journey is so different! 

Networking Evening Bookings are now open - and with an awesome menu and a new way to bring down the drinks bill, we are super excited already for this fun evening at 35 Bar & Bistro, 35 Peel St, South Brisbane QLD 4101. (Yip same place - different name.) 

I think that about brings every one up to date - don’t forget that editor/agent assessment bookings will close on 7th June, so get in there and book if you haven't already, and your work needs to be sent in by the new online system too. (Except for Kristy and Danielle who will close  on 14th June instead.)

CYA later!

Tina and the CYA Conference team!



Change of program

CYA Conference would like to advise of a conference program change.

Jackie French is no longer able to join us in 2017, but the good news is she will be returning  in a future year, so stay tuned for that.

Owing to this change we have had a little program shake up – and we really love what we have come up with, and we hope that you do too.

jacqueline-harvey-author-pic-200x280-e1444970167614 The amazing Jacqueline Harvey will now be the opening session with an awesome - Ask me anything talk. Jacqueline puts it all on the table. How she celebrated selling her millionth book recently. This is also an interactive session where Jacqueline will take any questions off the floor. That’s quite an amazing opportunity to get to speak to someone of this calibre about anything writing related.

Jacqueline will also now take the 3 hour writing master class - Junior and Middle Grade Fiction: How and why I write for children in the ‘golden ages’ of reading and how you can too. She will workshop during this time with you,

• Why write for this age group?

• The enduring appeal of middle grade

• Ideas that work and where do they come from?

• Creating memorable characters

• Perfect plots

• Knowing your market

Jacqueline also will touch briefly on the business of being an author

• Knowing your market ( Yip this is repeated on purpose as its two fold!)

• The importance of covers and illustrations

• Building a Brand

So, when you come out of this class, you will all be ready to go home, put what you have learnt into practice and we hope to see many many beautiful book-babies because of this!  Remember that it is recommended that you attend the whole master class, that way you benefit the most from this

Pam1Pamela Rushby is will be speaking on Education VS Trade? Which one should you aim for?

Explore these two diverse publishing routes, and how they can have a symbiont relationship for the creators. With expensive knowhow and an amazing career path, be sure to bring your note pad to this session!

Michelle WMichelle Worthington will have a workshop on Creating dynamic and vibrant picture books, and share her extensive knowledge about how Picture books are a unique and complex genre, and writing a story that will not only appeal to children, but also the publishers, is a refined art.

jake face1Jake Harris’s workshop will be a basic crash course to writing in the electronic games industry, as he gives you the quick 101 to writing for the gaming industry, what is required, and how you go about actually doing this in real life. The basics of what the job of a Narrative Designer (games writer) is. How to plan acts for characters. Telling the story, and experience of the characters. Collaboration with your design team, implementing how your story works into the whole games environment, editing to fit into schedules and fill holes in the game, being the designer of the players' overall experience.

We hope that you will find this sparkly new program just as wonderful, even perhaps a little more interesting and flexible for you.

If you have already booked in for the conference –  you will be receiving an email shortly.


See ya at CYA!

Tina and the Team!

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