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We are in the pointy stage of getting ready for CYA Conference now. Thought you might be interested in the full menu for CYA Conference.

Friday Networking dinner:


Drinks: Your have unlimited soft drinks, beer, wine and sparkling wine. If you want spirits (hard alcohol) you will need to pay for that at the bar and its extra.

Food: v = vegetarian, gf- gluten free


     Vietnamese rice paper rills, nam jim - (v & gf)

     BBQ chicken pancakes w/hoi sin and shallots


     Pumpkin and chickpea samosa w /labneh - (v)

     House made sausage rolls w tomato jam

     Chicken, leek and cheddar hand pies

     Satay chicken skewer, panang dressing (gf) 

Then there will be platters of hot chips and salt and pepper calamari too circulating.

The package is for 2 hours only, after 8.30pm any drinks consumed at the bar will be for your own account, not CYA Conference. 

We are inside in a function room next to the restaurant, so the colder weather shouldn’t be a problem, dress comfortably!

Saturday 2nd July CYA Conference:

Morning tea: 

Assorted Danish

Assorted Biscuits

Special diet (v & gf) 

     Yoghurt, Honey & Muesli Cups

     Crunchy Vegie Sticks & Dip

     Cheese With Dried Fruit Selection

     Fruit platters


We are happy to say we are having the BBQ lunch again as everyone loved it so much last year so:

Bread Rolls & Condiments (We will also provide Gluten Free Bread) 

Veggie Burgers (v)

Cajun Chicken Steaks

Minute Steaks

Jacket Potato with Sour Cream & Chives

Garden Salad

Pasta Salad

Fruit Platter

Homemade Cake Slices

Can of Soft drink or Juice

Afternoon tea: 

Scones with jam and cream 

Assorted Gateaux

Special diet: (v & gf) 

     Crunchy Vegie Sticks & Dip

     Cheese With Dried Fruit Selection

     Fruit platters

     Yoghurt, Honey & Muesli Cups

So as you can see - lots of yummy food coming your way. 

NB: If you cannot find anything on these menu’s you can safely eat, please bring your own food and we will refrigerate where necessary for you. While we have tried to accomodate more allergies and intolerance its impossible to catch them all.  

These menus are making me hungry….

CYA later!

Tina and the CYA team! 

Short list 2016

CYA Conference is pleased to announce the short list for the CYA Conference 2016 Writing and Illustrating Competition.

Please note that the final places will only be revealed at the Opening Awards Ceremony of CYA Conference on 2nd July 2016, being held at South Bank TAFE, Brisbane. Look forward to seeing you there if you can make it!


Thank you to all the volunteer judges: 

Ally Howard, Amanda Gardiner, Brenda Gurr, Carly Taylor, Cassandra Webb, Chris Bell, Chrissie Krebs, Claire    Saxby, Debbie Kahl, DebraTidball, Elizabeth Kasmer, Giuseppe Poli, Heather Gallagher, Jackie Randall, Julie Murphy, Karen Collum, Kaylene Hobson, Kaz Delaney, Lynn Ward, Michelle Worthington, Maryanne O'flynn, Natalie Hatch, Nicky Albrecht, Rebecca Sheraton, Rebecca Newman, Samantha Wheeler, Shannon Horsefall, Sue-Ellen Pashley, Taryn Bashford and Tina Marie Clark.

Without you all - we couldn’t have this competition. THANK YOU!


To everyone else who entered, who didn’t short list, CONGRATULATIONS for having the courage to put your work out there, in front of a faceless stranger, to received feedback, THANK YOU for entering. We hope that the feedback you get helps you on your journey towards creating a better story! 

All feedback will be emailed out by 31st August as per the guidelines.


SHORT LIST 2016: In no particular order:

Hatchlings (8 - 18 years) 

Category 1 - Picture Books

Final Editor Judge: Katrina Lehman  - Senior Editor for Penguin Random House

The Lost Property Bucket – Elise R

Love Can Be Anything – Daphne W


Category 2 - Chapter Books and Novels

Final Editor Judge: Katrina Lehman  - Senior Editor for Penguin Random House

Stuck Up High - Emilee C

Subversion – Jessica M

The Piano – Celine N


Category 3 - Illustrated Picture books, Graphic Novels and Middle grade Novels.

Final Editor Judge: Katrina Lehman  - Senior Editor for Penguin Random House

Seasonal Stories – Ruby S

Hansel and Gretel – Genevieve Somerville




Category 1 - Picture Books - Preschool

Final Editor Judge: Suzanne O’Sullivan, Publisher for Lothian Children’s books, Hachette Australia

Oh, So Many Kisses! – Maura Finn

By The Billabong – Maura Finn

There's No Such Thing As Monsters – Helen Parr



Category 2 - Picture Books - Primary

Final Editor Judge: Suzanne O’Sullivan, Publisher for Lothian Children’s books, Hachette Australia

Missy's Mess - Fiona Burrows

My Granny Has A Secret – Rachel Noble

The Midnight Feast – Kim Astill



Category 3 - Picture Books - Primary - Non Fiction

Final Editor Judge: Suzanne O’Sullivan, Publisher for Lothian Children’s books, Hachette Australia

Book Stars: May Gibbs – Liz Ledden

Loop the Loop – Jenny Gahan

Mammalphabet – Janeen Samuel




Category 4a - Chapter Books - Younger Readers

Final Editor Judge: Katrina Lehman  - Senior Editor for Penguin Random House

The Adventure of Lock and Gem - Magic Meets Mad Science –Karen Byrnes

Bug Boy goes Camping – Marian McGuinness

Vikings Behaving Badly – Catherine Pelosi

Socks or Undies – Darrelle Spenceley



Category 4b - Chapter Books - Older Readers

Final Editor Judge: Katrina Lehman  - Senior Editor for Penguin Random House

The World Writer: Izaac Ross – Nat Amoore

Over Ice Under Sea - Marian McGuinness

Winifred Weatherby Saves the Century – Alison Stegert


Category 5 - Young Adult

Final Editor Judge: Lisa Berryman, Children’s Publisher at HarperCollins Publishers Australia.

Bram - Helen Shorrocks

Foundling - Kate Griffith

Second Shot - Terri-Anne Green

Unspoken Rules – Laura Wilson



Category 6 - Graphic Novels, Illustrated Picture books & Illustrated Middle Grade Novels

Editor Judge: Rochelle Manners, Publisher – Wombat Books     

Bandit's Band - Vair Buchanan

Kate and the Thing - Heidi Cooper Smith

Six Sleepy Mice - Heidi Cooper Smith

The Green Man and Brown Mountain - Gracie Adamson

The Stolen Button - Marianna Shek



Category 8 - Illustrations            

Editor Judge: Rochelle Manners, Publisher – Wombat Books

Option 1 - Squire Chambers – Takara Beech

Option 1 - Squire Chambers - Vincent Cavanagh

Option 1 - Squire Chambers - Kathryn Jean Harrison

Option 2 - Flower Farmer - Emma Middleton

Option 2 - Flower Farmer -  Julie  Hill


Published Author:

Final Judge Editor: Clare Hallifax – Publishing Manager –  Scholastic Australia 

There is only one winner taken from ALL sections in Published.

YA Novels & Chapter Books:

Strange Creatures – Chris Bell

Eco Rangers Book One - Pelican in Peril – Candice Lemon-Scott

Rick and the Mechanical Shark – Candice Lemon-Scott


Picture Books:

You're Doing It Wrong! – Ann Harth

Jasper Juggles Jellyfish : Weeds! – Ben Long

Bessie And Mo : Hat : Freya And The Scaredy-Dog – Karen Collum


Illustrations: Illustrated Picture Books.

All illustrations have been seen by the editor and are under review. Anyone making it into the final line up will be notified.



Thank you to all our Final Editor Judges. It’s a big task to put your own time into this style of judging, so THANK YOU!

Clare Hallifax, Publishing Manager –  Scholastic Australia

Katrina Lehman, Senior Editor for  Penguin Random House

Lisa Berryman, Children’s Publisher at HarperCollins Publishers 

Rochelle Manners, Publisher for Wombat Books

Suzanne O’Sullivan, Publisher for Lothian Children’s books, Hachette Australia


If you are in the above shortlist - you will all have received an email this morning. 

Our Twitter name is:@CYAConference and we are using the tag line: #CYA2016, if you choose to tweet about it!

Quick reminder that if you can’t attend conference or you are wanting to know the up to date happenings at CYA Conference during the day, we will be tweeting results on our normal @CYAConference and also #CYA2016. Note that the web site will not be updated until late the next day. 


Conference catch-up:


All Editor Assessment times: Will be emailed out during the week of the conference, along with your map and other details you will need to know to attend CYA Conference, so keep an eye out for our emails, and on our Facebook page and Twitter feed too.

Until next time, keep writing, keep illustrating and keep smiling!


CYA later!

Tina & The CYA Conference Team

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