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Short List 2017



CYA Conference is pleased to announce the short list for the CYA Conference 2017 Writing and Illustrating Competition.

Please note that the final places will only be revealed at the Opening Awards Ceremony of CYA Conference on 1st July 2017, being held at South Bank TAFE, Brisbane. 

Look forward to seeing you there if you can make it!


Thank you to all the volunteer judges: 

Ally Howard, Amanda Gardiner, Bec Timmis, Cassandra Webb, Catherine Oehlman, Rose Pearce, Chris Bell, Claire Saxby, Gabrielle Devana, Georgina Moore, Heather Gallagher, Helene Magisson, Jen Loakes, Justine Barker, Lucy Mcginley, Lynda Calder, Maryanne O'Flynn, Michelle Worthington, Natalie Hatch, Nicky Albrecht, Rebecca Dalton, Rebecca Sheraton, Sandra Mohr-Edgar, Shaye Wardrop, Sue-Ellen Pashley, Tina Marie Clark, Yvonne Mes.

Without you all - we couldn’t have this competition. THANK YOU!


To everyone else who entered, who didn’t short list: CONGRATULATIONS!!

for having the courage to put your work out there, in front of a faceless stranger, to received feedback. THANK YOU for entering. 

We hope that the feedback you get helps you on your journey towards creating a better story! 

All feedback will be emailed out no earlier than 31st August as per the guidelines.


SHORT LIST 2017: In no particular order:

Hatchlings (8 - 18 years) 

Final Editor Judge: Katrina Lehman - Senior Editor for Penguin Random House

Category 1 - Picture Books

Celine N

Ella C

Olivia P

Category 2 - Chapter Books and Novels

Emily W 

Kodi S

Saraid T

Category 3 - Illustrated Picture books, Graphic Novels and Middle Grade Novels.

Kadyn S

Mia B 

Sarah G


Category 1 - Picture Books - Preschool

Final Editor Judge: Kate Stevens, Commissioning Editor, Hachette Australia

The Box – Grace Bryant    

The Flippopotamus -  Laura Bridge        

Quick, Mum's Lost Her Marbles! – Sandra Turner       


Category 2 - Picture Books - Primary

Final Editor Judge: Final Editor Judge: Kate Stevens, Commissioning Editor, Hachette Australia

Billie's Trail of Clues - Carmel Lillis        

Alone on a Hill - Danielle Freeland        

Perfectly Peculiar - Rachelle Sadler       


Category 3 - Picture Books - Primary - Non Fiction

Final Editor Judge: Final Editor Judge: Kate Stevens, Commissioning Editor, Hachette Australia

Tawaki, The Rainforest Penguins - Leslee Anne Hewson     

Sister Kenny - Bush Nurse to Miracle Worker – Jacqui Halpin         

A Pocketful of Coins – Rachelle Sadler 


Category 4 - Chapter Books - Younger Readers

Final Editor Judge: Katrina Lehman - Senior Editor for Penguin Random House

Lee and Loh: The Avenue – Catherine Mojsiewicz     

Beyond The Wall – Danielle Freeland   

The Enchanted Doll's House – Lynelle Kendall           


Category 5 - Chapter Books - Older Readers

Final Editor Judge: Katrina Lehman - Senior Editor for Penguin Random House

Rocky - Amanda O'Shea   

Imperial - Brittany Dalton

The Disc of The Exiles – Joy Daly


Category 6 - Young Adult

Final Editor Judge: Lisa Berryman, Children’s Publisher at HarperCollins Publishers Australia.

To Sleep, To Dream – Emily Larkin        

Fire - Georgina Ballantine

 The Stone of The Amazons – Joy Daly


Category 7 - Graphic Novels, Illustrated Picture books & Illustrated Middle Grade Novels

Editor Judge: Clare Hallifax – Publishing Manager –  Scholastic Australia

Ellie and the Seagulls - Judy Paulson

My Two Grandmas - Liz Duthie   

Next Door Neighbours - Simone Hale

The Rite of the Conceição - Tiago Martins

One Still Dawn  - Yvonne Low     


Category 8 - Illustrations            

Editor Judge: Clare Hallifax – Publishing Manager –  Scholastic Australia

OPTION Two: T.M. Clark – T.M. Clark – Jabiru's Bush Dance – Marianna Marx

OPTION ONE: T.M. Clark – Sam Treasure: Whales Garden – Sandy Flett

OPTION ONE: T.M. Clark – Sam Treasure: Whales Garden – Tamlyn Teow         


Published Author:

Final Judge Editor: Suzanne O’Sullivan, Publisher for Lothian Children’s books, the children’s imprint of Hachette Australia

There is only one winner taken from ALL sections in Published.

Picture Books:

More, More, More! : Purple Puppies : Kara T Kidd: Karate Champion - Penny Morrison

Horrie the Hero – Neridah McMullin       

Once Upon a Sacred Site : Paper Cranes : The Perfectly Proper Grand Pet Parade – Coral Vass


YA Novels & Chapter Books:

Gone Daddy Gone; Book 1 in The Hartley Girls series – Jess Black

The Hatch - Karen Collum

Fangus Fearheart ... Truth seeker  - Sheryl Gwyther


Illustrations: Illustrated Picture Books. 

All illustrations have been seen by the editor and are under review. Anyone making it into the final line up will be notified.


Congratulations everyone on the short list! 


Thank you to all our Final Editor Judges. It’s a big task to put your own time into this style of judging, so THANK YOU!

Clare Hallifax, Publishing Manager –  Scholastic Australia

Kate Stevens, Commissioning Editor, Hachette Australia

Katrina Lehman, Senior Editor for  Penguin Random House

Lisa Berryman, Children’s Publisher at HarperCollins Publishers 

Suzanne O’Sullivan, Publisher for Lothian Children’s books, Hachette Australia


If you are in the above shortlist - you will all have received an email this morning. 


Our Twitter name is:@CYAConference and we are using the tag line: #CYA2017, if you choose to tweet about it!


Quick reminder that if you can’t attend conference or you are wanting to know the up to date happenings at CYA Conference during the day, we will be tweeting results on our normal @CYAConference and also #CYA2017. Note that the web site will not be updated until late the next day. 


Until next time, keep writing, keep illustrating and keep smiling!


CYA later!

Tina & The CYA Conference Team


Julia Ferracane joins the presenters

Today we announce a program change. We say fairwell to Felicity Valence who will be flying to New York to take up an oppertunity of a life time in employment in PR in a publishing house. We wish her every luck! 

And we welcome PR guru Julia Ferracane from Saint Copy PR & Communications as a presenter for 2017. 

Julia will be taking the workshop ~ Marketing for the creative mind ~ Explore strategies on creating a genuine voice on our social media and branding as an author, and enjoying engaging with your audience.

Former Arts and Publishing Publicist for The Australian Ballet and Penguin Random House Australia, Julia Ferracane established Saint Copy PR & Communications in 2015 with clear intentions - To make PR expertise more accessible to creative women in small business, not for profits and self-published authors. 

A champion for those bold enough to pursue their creative endeavors, Julia could see the leverage that targeted PR coverage can have for small business. With a broad range of clients across the arts, fashion, kids publishing and not for profit scene, Julia has helped get her clients the right coverage from digital to traditional PR, to be seen, heard and felt by their ideal audience.

So give a big warm CYA Confrence welcome to Julia! 

Dont forget that the editor appointents are closing soon, and youneed to shake a tail feather and get your conference regestrations in too. 1st July is now only a month away! 

CYA later!

Tina and the CYA Conference team!

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