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Intro: Mark Guthrie

31st July 2009

CYA is so happy to introduce you to Mark Guthrie.

This week we are celebrating the release of Marks book - The Stinky Poo Grubs. Mark is both the author and illustrator of this wonderful book - published by Koala Books. This book is available from all good book stores.

Mark has worked as a graphic artist, cartoonist and freelance illustrator in both the U.K. and Australia.  And on some interesting projects like ITV Channel 4 and  Walt Disney Animation Australia.

We caught up with him recently and asked him these few questions: 

Q: If you were not a writer and illustrator - what would you be?

A: Possibly a High School art teacher (started, but didn’t finish a Dip Ed many moons ago).  

Q: How many years have you been writing and illustrating seriously, before being published?

A: Other earlier children’s books are languishing in a deep, dark recess of my junk cupboard, as well as a supposedly humourous, illustrated travel memoir, before The Stinky Poo Grubs was published.  Probably ball park figure of 7 years.  But before that and throughout that time (the 7 year period) I have been illustrating and cartooning for different magazines and newspapers which always gave me hope.

Q. How do you handle the constant rejections in the publishing world?

A: Perseverance is the mantra! You just have to accept it and move on.  

No use in kicking the cat.  You have to believe in your own abilities and qualities. 

Q: What advice can you give other writers/illustrators out there still on their journey to publication?

A: Similar to Q3. answer – persevere and work hard and never give up.  

Everyone, no matter how well they are known in the literary/art world was in the same boat as any of us – starting out.

You will have a chance to meet and learn from Mark at the CYA Conference on 12th September, when he conducts a master class of 90 minutes on Creating Cartoons.  Having attended one of Marks classes before I can say you are all in for a treat - whether he is drawing cross lines on his face - or on paper - he is wonderful at helping others convert the pictures from their heads onto characters on paper.

So, CYA rises a toast to Marks book, The Stinky Poo Grubs this week, and wish him every success with it.  

You can see more about Mark on his web site:

Till next week when we introduce you to another success story...

CYA Later!

Tina & Ally

2009 Final Judges

Wednesday 1st July 2009

Where did the time go? 

30th June came and went and the CYA Conference writing and illustrating competition is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter, we will be calling those on the short list in the last week of August (26th to 30th 2009). Remember even if you are not a CYA prize winner, you win anyway as you get your feedback form from the judges.

Winners announcement and presentations take place at the CYA Conference on 12th September 2009. Lists of the sections placings will go up on this internet page as soon after conference as possible.

The final judges for the categories are:

Tegan Morrison - Children’s Publisher Hachette  Australia - Picture books, Preschool and Primary, Chapter Books.

Leonie Tyle - Woolshed Press, Random House Australia - Young Adult.

Paul Collins - Publisher, Ford Street Publishing - Graphic Novels & Picture books and Illustrations, and Published Authors.

THANK YOU to these publishers for taking on this extremely difficult job ~ its not an easy one.

Please note that these are the JUDGES of the final placings of the competition, but the short lists are seen/read by more than one publisher.

Remember: 73 days to conference - so get your bookings in ASAP so you don’t lose out on a place.

CYA Later!

Tina & Ally

PS Please be patient with receiving the confirmations from your entries, there have been quite a few received and it takes time to scan and process, you will get one even if it takes a week or two...

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