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Counting Down

31 July 2010

It is hard to believe that CYA Conference is only 34 days away - and Hatchlings is 35. Where did the time go? Its such an exciting time as an organiser as we begin to see blocks of the puzzle start to fit together, and things take shape in ernest. I can’t wait for the weekend of the 4th & 5th September! Its almost like planning a wedding each year - all the excitement, anticipation and then the big event happens. I can’t stop smiling just thinking about it! 

News on the booking front: Leonie Tyle - (Editor - Woolshed Press, Random House) assessments have sold out fro Saturday 4th September. 

Ally will be on contact with people soon who have booked editor/agent assessments, so stay tuned for her emails.

We have started processing invoices and receipts, so those should pop into your inboxes soon too.

The judging of the competition is going well. There are some lovely comments and scores coming through the judges system, and it is wonderful to see. Also some really useful information and encouragement which never goes astray.

I will be introducing you to all your CYA COnference and Hatchling presenters shortly. Be sure to pop into this web site and visit again.

Until the 4th and 5th September - take care, write up a storm, draw a masterpiece and most of all - enjoy the process!

CYA later!

Tina and Ally

Announcing: Matt Ottley and Margaret Kennedy

17 July 2010 

It is with great sadness the we announce that Gregory Rogers has had to withdraw from the CYA Conference and Hatchlings, owing to personal reasons. We wish Greg all the luck in the world - and hope to see you back in the program in 2012! Greg was one of the inaugural artists back in 2006, and stayed with us in 2007 and 2008. A fantastic overseas illustrating commitment was all that kept him away in 2009.  Gregory  has always been one of our biggest supporters of the concept of hands on illustration workshops and including the illustration into CYA Conference.

So I introduce to you, another talented artist, and welcome Matt Ottley to the CYA Conference and Hatchings fold for 2010. Matt is a talented, writer, illustrator, painter and musician. His books have continued to grow in popularity, and Matt has become  an international bestseller . His ground breaking graphic Novel - Requiem for A beast is described as a 'multi-modal work', using the formats of graphic novel, picture book, novella and musical score. Welcome Matt, and thank you.

Another announcement today is our on site agent: Margaret Kennedy of the Margaret Kennedy Agency.

Margaret Kennedy Agency is a full service literary agency in Brisbane representing mainly general non-fiction, as well as some fiction and children’s writing. By design a relatively small agency, Margaret Kennedy works with each writer herself, carefully building careers. Many authors have been with the agency since it began in 1996. Welcome Margaret and thank you.

CYA will be changing all the download programs and printable programs shortly to reflect the above changes, so thank you for your patience. Each person will also be contacted via email to see if their choice they have already booked for is changing, and if they now want to book with the onsite agent.

52 days and counting down till CYA Conference and 53 until Hatchlings. We are excited about this years program, and hope you are too. Keep those bookings coming - remember this conference sold out in the last 2 years, so don’t leave it till the last moment and chance being disappointed.

CYA later Alligators!

Tina & Ally

2010 Competition is now closed.

2 July 2010 

The CYA Conference writing and illustrating competition closed at midnight on Wednesday 30th June 2010. The short list will be up on 20th August 2010, from there those lucky entries go to the final judges at the various publishing houses for their last judging and placings. 

Good luck to everyone who entered, aspiring and published! 

Now with the focus off the competition, CYA attendees should turn their eyes to polishing their manuscripts and illustration portfolio’s if they are pitching to the editors and agent at CYA Conference on 4th September 2010.  Just over 60 days to go until conference - think about booking your seat - this conference is already 1/3 booked up - (in 2008 and 2009 it sold out) so get in early.

Alternatively, you should be practicing your skills, writing as often as you can, or drawing each day (even if it is just in front of the TV at night.)

A wonderful idea for illustrators: Aaron Pocock a CYA Presenter in 2008, puts his sketch drawn in front of the TV on his Face Book each day, its a wonderful way to get your art seen and also to continually hone your art. And its a fantastic way for people to see your art too - getting noticed by editors and people looking for an art style/type. Now and again he gives us a glimpse into his ‘real’ work, and in my humble opinion it is just phenomenal.

There are others who do similar things, post samples to their blogs, and web pages - so whatever you decide is the path you are going to take, just keep drawing, keep learning your skills is what I am trying to encourage you to do.

Writers:  Consider posting your word count on Face book or your next goal, your achievement in a week as a writer  - putting yourself out there and making sure that you are achieving small steps in your writing journey towards publication. Obviously if you are just writing for simply the enjoyment - then you ignore me and just keep on doing that! 

And remember always:  write write write! And read read read - the best writers are people who read - stax! They know what language is doing at present, as apposed to 100 years ago, and are current in the style that they are pursuing.

CYA Later Alligators!

Tina & Ally

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