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Its now close on 3 weeks after conference already. I am no sure where the time has gone.

To date:

1. Photies are loaded ( but there are more to still load)

2. Aspiring invoices for competition have been sent out.

3. Published invoices for competition entries have been sent out.

4. Satisfaction survey was emailed out.

Still to go out in emails:

Hatchlings invoices.

Conference invoices and professional development proof letters.


Still to load onto web site:

Final placings for the competition for everyone. 

2013 Art Work.

As you can see - our work is far from done for 2013.

We also relocated a heap of books +-600kgs,( just over 40 boxes full)  that we delivered last week to Fastair for shipment to the PNG project - thank you to Albany Creek library, part of the Morton Bay council libraries for this wonderful donation.

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Talking PNG project…

There has been a change of web site - its now called : 

Results 2013

Results: CYA Conference Writing & Illustrating Competitions

Congratulation to everyone who entered the CYA Conference 2013 competition, your final winners were:

Hatchlings Section (8 - 18 yr. olds)

Final Judge: Katrina Lehman: Part-time Senior Editor for Penguin Books, Australia. 

Special Note: Katrina read all entries into the Hatchlings section, and viewed all art work.

Category 1 - Picture Books

1st        Erin Leavy - Love Never Leaves

2nd       Celine Ng - Mummy, Is that You?

3rd       Jazmyn Web - Maraupo Koreke


Category 2 - Chapter Books & Young Adult Novels

1st        Christina Stephenson - Poisoned of Blood

2nd       Duncan Croker - The Saga of the Axe:  The Finding   

3rd       Claire Ensor - Shadow Rogues


Category 3 - Graphic novels & illustrated Picture Books, Middle grade illustrated novels.

1st        Isabella Somerville  - Open your eyes

2nd       Vincent Cavanagh  - The Platoon

3rd       Jessica Ballinger - The Fruit Kingdom

Thank you Katrina for being a final judge in the CYA Conference Competition season 2013.


Aspiring / Unpublished: 

Category 1: Unpublished - Picture Book - Preschool.

Final Judge: Suzanne O'Sullivan: Children’s Publisher at Lothian Children's Books, Hachette, Australia

1st        Maura Finn - The Little Red Boots          

2nd       Gaye Cooke - What's That Noise?                      

3rd       Victoria Shannon - When Nanna Comes


Category 2 :Aspiring / Unpublished - Picture Books - Primary.

Final Judge: Suzanne O'Sullivan: Children’s Publisher at Lothian Children's Books, Hachette, Australia

1st        Annette Campbell   Bert's Bath

2nd       Elizabeth Kasmer    Ben and the Hairy Wild Men

3rd       Katrina McKelvey     AJ and the Underwackers Disaster


Category 3: Aspiring / Unpublished  - Picture Books - Non-fiction 

Final Judge: Suzanne O'Sullivan: Children’s Publisher at Lothian Children's Books, Hachette, Australia

1st        Catherine Oehlman - Down By The Billabong

2nd       Catherine Oehlman - Side by Side

3rd       Catherine Oehlman - What Do You Use Your Feathers For?


Aspiring / Unpublished Category 4 - Chapter Books.

Final Judge: Suzanne O'Sullivan: Children’s Publisher at Lothian Children's Books, Hachette, Australia

Younger Chapter Books:

1st        Stella  Tarakson - Mike the Spike

2nd       Dimity  Powell - Marlee's Mozzie Madness

3rd       Rachel Bradbury - The Curse of the Shattered Sceptre


Older Chapter Books: 

1st        Dale Whybrow - The Old King

2nd       Marci Dahlenburg - The Dud Dog Detective

3rd       Michelle  Williamson -  The Worm Whisperer

Thank you Suzanne O'Sullivan for being a final judge in the CYA Conference Competition season 2013.


Category 5: Aspiring / Unpublished  - Young Adult Books.

Final Judge: Lisa Berryman: Children’s Publisher  at HarperCollins Publishers Australia

1st        Kathleen Noud - Fake

2nd       Beth Amos - Fire Sign

3rd       Michelle Macwhirter - Time Exchange

H.C.    Loriel Jarvis - A Little Bird Told Me

Thank you Lisa Berryman, for being a final judge in the CYA Conference Competition season.

All Illustration Sections:

Final Judge: Sophia Whitfield: Editor for New Frontier Publishing

Category 6 & 7: Aspiring / Unpublished - Graphic Novels, Illustrated picture books and Middle grade illustrated novels.  (Illustrations own creations)

1st        Christina Krebs - The Midnight Circus

2nd       Megan Forward - A Patch From Scratch

3rd       Randall Smith, Fiona Portet and Matt Davidon - Freddy and Miss Ginger


Category 8 : Aspiring / Unpublished  - Illustrations (To Spec).

Final Judge: Sophia Whitfield: Editor for New Frontier Publishing

1st        Helene Magisson - Option: Slowly, Slowly Catch A Monkey

2nd       Rosalind Bury -        Option: Shooting Butterflies

3rd       Sarah Cocker - Option: Slowly, Slowly Catch A Monkey

Special Note: Sophia read all entries and viewed all artwork in these sections.

Thank you Sophia Whitfield for being a final judge in the CYA Conference Competition season.


Published Author Competition:

Final editor: Kristina Schulz: Children’s Publisher at the University of Queensland Press (UQP)

1st            Teena Raffa-Mulligan – The Yesterday Dress, Solo Dan, New Shoes For Sam (Picture Book Entry)

2nd       Tania McCartney - Ella McZoo: Animal Whisperer (Novel Entry)

3rd       Michelle Worthington          All the Kings Horses, Look Out! There's a Dragon About! Banjo (Picture Book Entry)


Kaye Baillie - Sammy the River Dog, The Best of Friends, The Little Shop of Miracles (Picture Book Entry)

Rebecca Timmis - David and the Scavenger Prince(Novel Entry)

Sharon Norris - The Land Of The Free (Novel Entry)


Thank you Kristina for being a final judge in the CYA Conference Competition season 2013.

Congratulations again to everyone who entered this competition, and to those who were the Final Winners.

Complete Result sheets of all entries will go up as soon after conference as we can get them on the web site, and feedback sheets are due to be emailed out to everyone before the 31st August 2013 as per the competition terms of entry.

Twitter:#CYA2013    - and @cyaconference

There was major traffic on the twitter handle this weekend - you are welcome to trawl both to check out what was happening fro everyones POVs.

If anyone has any pictures they took during CYA2013 - would love to see them  -  please email them to us on: and we would love to put them into our photo album. We will credit you for the photie - obviously.

We will post pictures, we will post notes, we will even get those invoices out as soon as we can - but not until next week as this week Sam, Ally and I are having a small rest after a hectic but satisfying time. 

CYA Later!

Tina, Ally, Sam

After Afternoon Tea

With only one session that requires brain power left, then the CYA Success Panel, which is a celebratory session and requires lots of enthusiasm, we meet our presenters…   

15H35 - 16H20

In Room 1:

Goldie Alexander


      45 minutes               
                                                                              How to keep going in spite of not becoming the next JK Rowling.


In the Art Studio:

Anne Hamilton, Rowena Beresford, Rochelle Manners


Is 'edgy' the only choice for YA authors? 


With the increase in darker/edgier young adult fiction, it is easy to think if you want to be a successful author you need to follow the same path. But there are viable alternatives. Discover the markets looking for something different, including their potential readership, how to access them, and what they are looking for in this interesting panel discussion. 


In The Masterclass Room:

                                         Jackson Pearce


45 minutes

(Part 2 of Extended 2.15 Hrs Masterclass)     

Social Media 

Tomorrow.. Some of the Success Stories from the last year, Dimity Powell, James Foley, Alison Stegert, Renee Treml & Deb Gilmartin…

Thank you Heidi for bring this to our notice: - A warning for CYA patrons travelling from the GOLD COAST …  

Park Road to Varsity Lakes track closure

Last updated: 1.49pm Friday 28 June 2013

From midnight Friday 5 July until the last service on Sunday 7 July, tracks will be closed between Park Road and Varsity Lakes stations.

Be sure to plan your journey in advance and allow for extra travel time (approximately 60 minutes) due to track works.

Trains will be affected from approximately 11.30pm Friday 5 July and will return to normal from the first scheduled service on Monday 8 July

For more info — this is their link:

5 Sleeps until CYA Conference.

CYA later!

Tina,Ally & Sam

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