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Feedback and full results have been emailed to everyone. If you haven’t received yours — its possible that you have us in your spam box. (Yes, we have had a few notices of that!) Please check before you send us a note asking for another copy. Also we’ve had a number of bounces — where boxes are too full or the email addresses have changed/are incorrect. 

Thank you again to all judges both volunteer and final, who help make this competition possible, and all entrants. 

You can access the full results on the links below. 

Full Results:

Aspiring Section:

Category 1 - Picture Books - Preschool ~ Suzanne O’Sullivan, Lothian Books, Hachette.

Category 2 - Picture Books - Primary ~ Suzanne O’Sullivan, Lothian Books, Hachette.

Category 3 - Picture Books - Non fiction ~ Suzanne O’Sullivan, Lothian Books, Hachette.

Category 4a - Chapter Books ~ Suzanne O’Sullivan, Lothian Books, Hachette.

Category 4b - Chapter Books ~ Suzanne O’Sullivan, Lothian Books, Hachette.

Category 5 - Young Adult ~ Lisa Berryman, HarperCollins.

Category 6 (includes Cat 7) ~ Graphic Novels, Illustrated Picture books and Illustrated Middle Grade Novels - Karen Tayleur - Five Mile Press

Category 8 - Illustrations ~ Karen Tayleur - The Five Mile Press.

Hatchlings Section:

All Sections ~ Katrina Lehman - Penguin.

Published Section:

All Sections ~ Karen Tayleur - The Five Mile Press

To view all art work please see ART WORK - 2015. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers, and especially Sam who is basically in my house weekly helping with CYA Conference, I know this year was particularly hard for you and I hope that the next year is so much easier! To Ally, Deb and Nat’s for all the work they have done in helping to make this all possible as well. To the husbands behind these dynamic women, thank you for sharing them with me. To my own husband, Shaun Clark - yeah and thank you. Each one of you are all so important to me. Without all your help and support I couldn’t continue to hold CYA Conference - thank you - the CYA Team rocks! 

Special notice: CYA Conference is changing web hosting companies at the end of September, so cross fingers we don’t go dark for too long while we switch over, but know that we are still there — just sorting out how to reloading to the new hosting company.

Date savers for 2016:
Competitions  - in a staggered start from 5th  January 2015.  
CYA Conference: 2nd July

We will be updating the success pages soon with a number of success stories that we are seriously happy about. So until then — stay tuned!

CYA later!

Tina and the CYA Conference team!

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