Full results, dates for 2018

It's been a really busy few month. October is now here, and we are finally completed - all feedback sheet for the competition have been emailed out, and the final lists for places are up on the site. We did have a few people who’s feedback bounced - so if you are still not in possession of your feedback - you could be one of these with defunct emails…. Or just Outlook playing silly-b's with us again as it did too…  please email us and let us know. We have given everyone two weeks to ensure that they have their feedback before the result sheets come out, but if you are still feed-back-less - please talk to us! 

Please see the 2017 Competition Results page for details. 

Thank you again to all the volunteer and final judges, and to you, the people who entered into the competition. It was a HUGE year with close to 700 entries across all the sections. 

Please remember that dates for next year’s competition dates HAVE CHANGED… 

Date reminders for 2018:

CYA Competitions open: staggered from 16th January

CYA Competitions closes 4th April  - this has come forward almost a MONTH!!!! Don’t get caught out… 

We have set the SAVE THE DATE of the 13th Annual CYA Conference: 7th JULY, but this is still subject to what's happening at TAFE - and we can only confirm this in February/March, but cross fingers this will not change. 

Keep on writing, illustrating and creating!

CYA later!

Tina and the CYA Conference team.

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