Matt Ottley

Matt Ottley

Matt Ottley  is a talented, writer, illustrator, painter and musician. His books have continued to grow in popularity, and Matt has become an international bestseller . His ground breaking graphic Novel - Requiem For A Beast is described as a 'multi-modal work', using the formats of graphic novel, picture book, novella and musical score. 

His books have continued to grow in popularity, What Faust Saw having become an international bestseller along with its sequel, Faust's Party shortlisted for the 2001 CBC Awards). Sailing Home (with Colin Thompson), a CBC Notable Book in 1997, and Mrs Millie's Painting (1997) were also extremely well received. Luke's Way of Looking (with Nadia Wheatley), released in 1999, was an Honour book in the 2000 CBC Picture Book of the Year Awards.

His picture books include Hyram and B (text by Brian Caswell), and two collaborations with author Josie Montano, The Bubble and The Penguin. Matt's latest book, Requiem for a Beast,  was the winner of the CBCA 2008 Picture Book of the Year Awards. His latest picture book, with text by John Marsden, Home and Away, was shortlisted for the CBCA Picture Book of the Year Awards in 2009. Matt is currently working on a book with Gary Crew, The Serpent's Tale.

Matt is now established as a formidable force in the world of children's literature. 

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