Matt Porter

Matt Porter

Matt Porter is a children’s author and primary school teacher. He is passionate about encouraging children to devour great books and to make reading a lifelong love.

Through his humorous stories, Matt aims to get kids laughing and immersed in adventure. He enjoys teaching writing to his students and is looking forward to conducting writing workshops at other schools in the future.  

Matt won the 2009 CYA Chapter Book Competition with his story Mr Sergeant and the Dodgeballs of Doom. Mr Sergeant has since been contracted by Celapene Press and will be released in September 2011. It will be the first book in the CRT: Crazy Relief Teachers series. 

Matt also has two books: My Country and Picture Perfect published in Blake Education’s Gigglers series (Green series 2) and two short stories in Challenge Magazine.

Link to Matt's CYA Success Journey

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