Category 6 - 2012


2012 Graphic Novels & Illustarted Picture Books Category 

- 3 illustrations

-  16 Entries 

Final Judge: Jeanmarie Morosin, Commissioning Editor for Children’s Books at Random House, Australia


     Random House viewed all artwork entered into this category.

1          Megan  Forward       Pigs CAN Fly (Details requested by Publisher)
2          Lynda Robinson      Dorris The Amazing
3          Gracie Adamson      The Green Man and the Brown Mountain series 2.

4 Mummy Fox

5 I will never enjoy fishing

6 Monster Truck vs Giant Robot

7 Molly Loves to Help

8 Becoming Charlie (Details requested by Publisher)

9 Clarissa

10 Captain Keybeard

11 Max and the Magical Tree

12 Grandma's House

13 Poss and Wom (Details requested by Publisher)

14 The Strange Lands

15 One whopper watermelon

16 Over the Wall


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