The eighth CYA Conference program was held on 6th JULY 2013.

This conference was aimed as professional development for new and established writers and illustrators of Children’s and Young Adult literature. Master classes and workshops will be conducted by Alison Stegert, Anne Hamilton, Brian Falkner, Deb Gilmartin, Dimity Powell, Goldie Alexander, Jackson Pearce (USA), James Foley, Judy Horacek, Mark Carthew, Pam Rushby, Renée Treml, Rochelle Manners, Rowena Beresford, Serena Geddes, and Tristan Bancks.

Our CYA success stories once again show cased that CYA Conference is making a difference in aspiring authors and illustrators in helping them on their road to publication.

Editor and agent appointments as well as a web site development critique will be held, these are 15 minute one-on-one style, work pre-read/previewed appointments by Rochelle Manners, Leonie Tyle, Sophia Whitfield, Claire Craig, Alex Adsett, Dr David Reiter and Rebecca Timmis. 

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