Category 4a - 2014


Aspiring: Older Chapter Books – Category 4b

No Of Entries - 16

Final Judge: Suzanne O'Sullivan: Children’s Publisher at Lothian Children's Books, Hachette, Australia

1st       Anna Quinlan - Rory Fielding's Amazing Memory

2nd      Tracey Atkinson - The Magic of Show and Tell:  Turtles at Ten O'clock

3rd       Danielle Freeland - The Perfect Day

4 Zara Saves the Fete

5 Moondust and Spiders

6 Joey Van Der Go and the Rescue Rap

7 Sophie and the Magic Hair Clips

8 The Quest to Destroy Saracava

9 Trika

10 Cameron Chameleon Boy

11 Matilda and the Wood Witch

12 Uzzie The Wonder Dog - 'One Lucky Day'

13 The Stolen Pot Of Gold

14 Dumpy and Moo Water Balloon The (Zombie) Neighbours

15 Matilda the Gecko from Meckalecko

16 The Tale of Princess Lily

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