Hatchlings - 2014 


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Hatchlings Section (8 - 18 yr. olds)

Final Judge: Katrina Lehman: Part-time Senior Editor for Penguin Books, Australia. 

Special Note: Katrina read all entries into the Hatchlings section, and viewed all art work, some entries were moved into difference categories which suited them better and better suited the entry to help the Hatchlings.

Category 1 - Picture Books

1st        Alexandra Strzelecki - The Crocodile and the Kookaburra

2nd      Celine Ng - Lewis The Littlest Lizard

3rd       Lorraine Parsons - Strange Little Creatures

4           The Boisterous Crow

Category 2 - Chapter Books & Young Adult Novels

1st        Taylah Baggs - A Foot in Each World

2nd        Edmund Ing - Nick Monster Guards

3rd        Taylah Baggs - Vengeance

4   Hunted

5   In the Dead of the Night

6   The Crimson Heart

7   The Platoon - Dangers in the Dwarvish States

8   Cheval

9   The Mansion in the Woods

10   Journey to the Whispering Wood

11  Mystery of the Dain Family

12  Top Secret Diary

13  Nothing Lasts Forever - Alice Madness

14  Jade’s Journey


Category 3 - Graphic novels & illustrated Picture Books, Middle grade illustrated novels.

1st       Lorraine Parsons - Strange little creatures

2nd      Samantha Zaleski - The Story of Doris Cummiski

3rd       Vincent Cavanagh - The Platoon - Dangers in the Dwarvish States

4   Quondong and Wattle

5   Lewis The Littlest Lizard

To view the Artwork of this category: 2014 Hatchlings - Category 3


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