Caylie Jeffery


A nurse and counsellor by trade, Caylie Jeffery has had many adventures and experiences that have made her into a strong, independent, and interested woman. She lives in Brisbane with her husband, David and their two young children, Will and Kitty, who keep her on her toes but are her favourite people to hang with.

Being a mindful parent in a world that loves to turn children into mindless robots is Caylie’s biggest challenge yet, and she works actively to encourage a passion for life, books, art, music and people in her own kids.

Caylie’s musings on life are designed to inspire people to look outside of the usual boxes we all live in. She aims to transform everyday events and actions into vivid sketches to ignite the senses.

Caylie has a website where she writes familiar essays about subjects that catch her breath, called Distractions of a Busy Mother.  She also works as a freelance writer, and is an emerging author of children’s stories, teen adventures and creative adult non-fiction. She’s currently working on a manuscript for young adults based on her own Sailing adventures around the world, and has recently published her first book, Bedtime Stories for Busy Mothers.

When she’s not writing, Caylie does volunteer work at school, paints pretty pictures and is often seen wearing tattered King Gees as she doggedly tries to finish renovating the family’s Queenslander. She has a wonderful circle of extraordinary friends who encourage, support and amuse her to no end and a growing number of followers whom she is eternally thankful to for their comments, suggestions and insight.

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