Hatchlings - 2015


Hatchlings Section (8 - 18 years)

No Of Entries: 

Final Judge: Katrina Lehman: Part-time Senior Editor for Penguin Books, Australia. 

Special Note: Katrina read all entries into the Hatchlings section, and viewed all art work, some entries were moved into difference categories which suited them better and better suited the entry to help the Hatchlings.

Place           Name of Entry

Category 1 - Picture Books

(No of Entries: 16)

1st                 Genevieve Somerville  - Cinderella: A Teen Warning

2nd                Maddison Avery  - This is Where My Home is

3rd                 Miranda Plowman  - Finding Me: A Hunt For The Inner Asperger’s In A Girl

4                    I Am Unknown

5                    On The Other Side Of The World

6                    The Human Connection

7                    Lila And Her Kitten

8                    I am a violinist

9                    Jack Goes To War

10                  Riding The Rails

11                  The Story of my Life

12                  Sweeties Lost

13                  Lemon the duckling and the electric eel

14                  Bus-Ted

15                  Forest Family

16                  A Portal To Other Dimensions

Category 2 - Chapter Books and Novels

(No of Entries: 12)

1st                 Elizabeth Bourke  - A Library Of Masks

2nd               Phoebe Masnick  - Hologram Girl

3rd                Eve Smibert  - Blu Di Vicci And The Dark Horse

4                    Forgive Me

5                    Taming Indicah Wild

6                    Frostfire

7                    A Monster Calls

8                    Ran Away But Now I'm Back

9                    Abbey Of The Phoenix

10                  A Hero's Helper

11                  Four Wild Days

12                  Hells House

Category 3 - Illustrated Picture books, Graphic Novels and Middle grade Novels.

(No of Entries: 3)

1st  - Genevieve Somerville  - Cinderella: A Teen Warning

2nd  - Ruby Sutherland  - Faeries, Myth, and Magic

3rd  - Vincent Cavanagh  - Aeruld at Abelstone


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