Competition ~ Katrina Lehman

Katrina Lehman is currently a part-time Senior Editor for Penguin Books and a lecturer of Professional Editing at Diploma level at CAE (Council of Adult Education), Melbourne. 

She has had over 12 years’ experience working in the UK and Australia as an editor, journalist, reviewer and copywriter across a diverse range of genres – adult and children’s fiction, magazines, cookbooks and coffee-table books, travel literature, online websites, blogs and corporate brochures.

Her husband (graphic designer) and Katrina also run a boutique Melbourne-based design and editing agency – 'The Words & Pictures Company'. Our publishing services range from manuscript assessment, structural editing, copyediting and copywriting to designing and printing. Thier portfolio includes narrative fiction and full-colour pictorials/picture books, corporate interactive newsletters and advertising campaigns.

Specialties: My professional interests include literary and popular fiction, children’s fiction, pictorials, cooking and gardening, interior design and travel narrative.

 Please note that Katrina’s appointments are now sold out. 

For her one-on-one assessments at CYA Conference 2015, Katrina will be looking at: 
All aspects of children’s literature including picture books, illustration portfolio’s, middle grade and Young Adult.

Thank you Katrina for being a final judge in the CYA Conference Competition season 2015 for all the Hatchlings Sections.

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