Onsite Agent ~ Jacinta di Mase 2


After more than 20 years experience in the book industry, Jacinta started her own agency in 2004.  Jacinta di Mase Management is committed to the creation of quality books that engage, entertain, and inspire. 

Agency staff have a good track record for spotting works with commercial potential and working with creators to maximize that potential. We represent writers and illustrators across a diverse range of genre including picture books, young adult fiction, and fiction and non-fiction titles for the adult trade market.

Jacinta di Mase has a background in book selling and publishing, and worked for ten years in two of Australia’s premier literary agencies: Australian Literary Management (ALM), and Jenny Darling & Associates. She graduated with distinction from the RMIT Graduate Diploma of Editing & Publishing and studied Communications Law, specialising in copyright at Melbourne University. Jacinta is President of the Australian Literary Agents’ Association (ALAA) and a committee member for the Australia Council for the Arts Visiting International Publishers program. 

Clients include Nick Falk and Tony Flowers, Phil Cummings, Rosanne Hawke, Karen Blair, Jedda Robaard, Janeen Brian, and CYA faves Kerri Lane (Kaz Delaney), Aleesah Darlison, and Julie Nickerson.

For her one-on-one assessments at CYA Conference 2015,  Jacinta will be seeking: Quality, contemporary YA. (But she will view - NOT FOR REPRESENTATION: Junior fiction series and picture books, she will offer commercial advice on these only.)

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