Via Skype: Michelle Johnson


After a life long obsession with books, a career in business management/ownership including bookstores and community writing centers, and a few years with small presses in an editorial capacity, Michelle Johnson is now in her fourth year as a literary agent, where she represents many NYT Bestsellers, debut authors, and indie authors alike.

The face of publishing is ever-changing, and bending and shifting with the times and staying ahead of the curve are key for Michelle and her agency, Inklings Literary Agency.

Michelle is actively seeking books with diversity, and authors with diverse backgrounds. She's a strong advocate for equality across the board.

In adult, NA, and YA, she looks for Contemporary, Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Horror, Fantasy, and light Sci-Fi. She also will look at the occasional MG if it has a phenomenal hook and voice.

 She loves books that are like watching a train wreck you can't look away from, characters that leave you feeling like you've just lost a friend because the book is over, and plots that she can't predict at every turn. She especially loves books that make her think about something in a new way, but without preaching. Michelle also loves to laugh and loves dark, smart humour. 

For her one-on-one assessments at CYA Conference 2016, Michelle will be looking at:

Middle grade and YA fiction. NO PICTURE BOOKS.

Please note that Michelle’s appointments will be VIA computer link to the USA.

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