Tadaa Children’s Booksmith

Tadaa is a children’s book smith.

Their main aim is to help self-publishers find the visual soul mate for their stories. Besides illustrating and designing, they can help authors to edit and publish their books, and spread the word to the world by creating websites and book trailers. 

Tadaa is a team of illustrators, designers, editors, and developers from different parts of the world. 

Founders Ozan and Anil are a couple consisting of designer and illustrator, who have previously worked with many publishing houses. They often worked on projects for self published authors, and were constantly asked, “What happens next?”

It was this question that lead them to pursue their own dream and eventually create Tadaa!

The company was officially born in 2013 and has already published its own small collection of children’s books. 

This year Tadaa hopes to make many more self-publishers dreams become a reality….

For the one-on-one assessments at CYA Conference 2017,  Anil & Ozan will be having 15 minute interviews with people interested in Self Publishing. 

Note: NO CONTRACTS will be signed during CYA Conference. These appointments are FREE but need to be booked through CYA Conference, and pre-reading is required.

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