Checklists and Formatting: Graphic Novels, Illustrated Picture Books & Middle Grade Illustrated Novels 


If together your files are bigger than 10MB each or 20MG per group - please email direct to CYA Conference as the automated system doesn’t like large files. (And it's better to email 3 files at 10MB than attempt to send 30MB at once.)


  • Entrant’s name doesn’t appear ANYWHERE on the entry except on the entry form.
  • Electronic lodgement includes entry form, entry files and you have completed the PayPal transaction.   
  • Competition entry is attached to entry form saved as: Text: Microsoft Word or RTF (rich text format) or PDF.
  • Illustrations: JPEG ONLY. 
  • Paper copy (art works only) has been sent to CYA Conference for display. (P.O. Box 275, Bribie Island, Qld, 4507.)


  • Page is A3 or smaller, but no smaller than A4.
  • Electronic version is attached to the electronic entry form.
  • Electronic entry form has your files attached in Microsoft Word  or RTF (rich text format), or PDF or JPEG formats ONLY and of high resolution.

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