2017 Conference Details

Friday 30th June 2017 - TBC
CYA Conference Networking Evening:

Price: $TBC (including GST)

Place: TBC

Time: 6.30pm - 8:30pm

The Conference: 

Adult: $250 inc GST

Adult with concession: $ 210 inc GST

Hatchling (8 - 18 years old) : $ 177 inc GST 

Held at: TAFE Queensland Brisbane - South Bank Campus, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane.

Parking at TAFE on Saturday 1st July 2017:

Parking is $16.50 including GST.

Editor/Agent/Industry Professional Appointments:
These happen throughout the day at 15 minute intervals and their cost is ADDITIONAL to the cost of attending conference. 
Price: $100 exc GST

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Note for 2017: PayPal/credit card only. No cash or cheques.

Terms and Conditions of Conference 

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