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Rowena Beresford is both the Commissioning Editor and Managing Director of Yellow Brick Books, an independent traditional publishing company she co-founded in 2016. Yellow Brick Books specialises in off- beat, quirky and humorous picture books and junior fiction that will inspire kids to fall in love with reading.

Rowena is also the founder of The Book Curator magazine, which keeps school librarians up-to-date with a wide range of fantastic fiction from independent and mainstream publishers, and equips them to better match those books to readers.

Rowena will be looking for picture book manuscripts, illustrators and early readers and middle fiction with clever humour

The Yellow Brick Books website also has some word clouds that help identify the types of books we publish).


She is also interested in YA that could be enjoyed by advanced readers age 10 years + (without content issues).


We don't publish books about witches or fairies unless you have some amazing new perspective to offer. We don't want toilet humour (however clever humour is always welcome), as we are looking for something new, fresh and different. Not looking for issues based books.

Rowena will be providing verbal feedback with her assessments


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