Alison Stegert

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Signed by literary agent NYC

Alison's childhood was shaped by the books she read. She followed the escapades of fearless girl named Pippi and an aspiring spy named Harriet. She mourned a gentle spider's death and trembled with a Jewish girl hiding in an attic. But it was the transformation of Mary Lennox at Misselthwaite Manor that was the turning point for Alison, when her passion for reading memorable books bloomed into a dream to write them.

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After my stories were shortlisted the CYA Conference Contest in 2010 and 2011, I answered the call of a literacy agency in New York, whose agent was looking specifically for writers with exchange student experience. They signed me and I subsequently wrote Summer of the Silk Dragon, a middle grade travel adventure book about an exchange student in Beijing. The project gave me huge insight to the publishing industry. The agent and I worked together for four years, during which I worked hard and grew as a writer. Unfortunately, the book was not picked up by a publisher.


I’ve gone on as a freelance writer and content creator, created Life Skills curricula for schools, and continued with my beloved middle grade fiction. I’ve won short fiction contests, had magazine articles published, and won an ASA Mentorship in 2017.

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