Rory H. Mather

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Agented and Published

Rory H. Mather writes what he loves reading the most - picture books. He currently has three titles under contract, two with Larrikin House and one with Scholastic Australia but is hoping for many more. It has often been said that Rory has his head in the clouds which is probably true because he lives on top of a mountain in Toowoomba with his wife and two dogs. He thinks he is pretty funny but says that you are welcome to be the judge. His first book Vlad's Bad Breath comes out in 2020.


CYA gave me my first exposure to the writing industry when I attended in 2017 and had a session with an agent. Before the session I had falsely believed that I knew all there was to know. What I took away from that session was that I was not ready, I needed to do a lot more research into writing for children and developing my craft. I think that without CYA I would have kept blundering my way through trying to get published.  


Fast forward to 2019, I attended again feeling much more confident having learnt from my previous experience, I attended lots of lectures and had a session with an agent - who ended up signing me - and with an editor who liked what she saw enough to give me her email address. I contacted that editor a little over a month later after placing in a competition that she had judged and now in January 2020 I have just signed a contract for that story to be published.  


Without CYA I wouldn't have gotten my agent Justine Barker who has taught me so much and who has been my strongest advocate and I wouldn't have signed three contracts for three different picture book manuscripts. Thank you CYA!  

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