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Emily Larkin



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Emily Larkin is a Queensland-based author who is undertaking a doctorate in creative writing, and has published fiction in literary journals.


Emily loves reading, looking at the sky, analysing characters and symbolism with her family and friends, and writing.


Her picture book 'The Whirlpool' comes out on May 1, 2017 with Wombat Books, and is about a polar bear cub. Illustrated by award-winning artist Helene Magisson, 'The Whirlpool' is an enchanting story about navigating the highs and lows of life.


In 2015 I attended my first CYA Conference. I'd tried to do my homework and had lined up a few editor appointments after researching each publishing house and trying to work out who might be interested in my projects - but I wasn't really sure how the process worked or what to expect. On the day of the conference, I pitched a picture book that I'd originally written as a uni assignment to Rochelle Manners and Emily Lighezzolo from Wombat Books. I really wanted to use the limited time I had to explain my vision of the book as clearly as possible - and hoped that they would love the spirited polar bear protagonist as much as I did.


Over the next few months Rochelle and I emailed back and forth, discussing the book and possible edits. Rochelle had some great suggestions for me and in September, 2015, she told me that Wombat Books had decided publish my book 'The Whirlpool'!


I'm grateful to the CYA team for offering wonderful opportunities for writers and illustrators to learn from industry professionals and each other, and get a foot in the publishing world. Working with Wombat Books on 'The Whirlpool' has been an amazing experience, and it all began because of the CYA Conference. My book is illustrated by award-winning artist Helene Magisson, and is due for release on May 1, 2017.

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