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Sandy Flett



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Sandy Flett is an illustrator and cartoonist, Youtube presenter for Kids Art School and aspiring author from Armidale, NSW. She loves to create hilariously kooky characters, pictures and stories. In 2019, Sandy had her first book published - a new middle-grade reader titled Juno Jones Word Ninja, written by Kate Gordon. Juno Jones has been such a winner that the publisher, Yellow Brick Books, have signed Sandy to illustrate two more books in the series. When not drawing, writing and You-tubing her drawing channel, Sandy cares for the New England community as an Occupational Therapist at the local hospital. 


In 2017, at the very last minute, I made the decision to enter the CYA Aspiring Illustrators Competition. As I was only just starting out, I thought entering would be just a good opportunity to get some feedback on my work. So when I came 3rd, I was absolutely gobsmackingly stunned. In fact, it took me a few moments to get up from my seat to accept the prize, as I didn’t believe my name had been read out!

At the same CYA, I had my portfolio accepted by 3 large publishing companies and also was approached by a 4th company - Yellow Brick Books. And so, soon after, Yellow Brick Books offered me the contract to illustrate Juno Jones Word Ninja! I’m so very grateful for CYA as it has given me the confidence that I needed to realise that “Yes! I can do this!” 

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