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Shannon Horsfall



Date of Success:

Shannon Horsfall is an author illustrator whose debut picture book ‘Was Not Me!’ is published by HarperCollins (July 2016).


Her head is always filled with characters creating mess, mischief and mayhem. Oh, wait a minute, that’s her actual house.


Shannon describes herself as a grown up whose inner child is not always kept safely inner. (She has been known gate crash the odd game of Red Rover and elastics.)



CYA was literally my launch pad to publication. On attending my first conference in 2015, where I met with two publishers who showed great interest in my work. I subsequently went on to sign with my gorgeous agent and receive two offers for publication.


This amazing conference provided me with invaluable opportunities that led to the joyous journey I now find myself on.


Update on Shannon June 2017:


Was Not Me! Due for paperback release in July 2017.


New picture book release with HarperCollins ‘Nomax!’ June 1 2017.


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