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Josephine Moon

Josephine Moon is an author of fiction and non-fiction and a coach and mentor for emerging writers. Her bestselling books have been published in Australia and overseas but not before she had acquired over 100 rejections, 9 bottom drawer manuscripts, and twelve years of writing practice before she broke into the publishing industry. 

Prior to her career as an author, Jo worked as an editor and teacher (among many others) and finally gets to use all her skills all at once (except for those few hours spent in a fruit shop before she was unceremoniously dismissed). 

She is a huge animal lover and is lucky enough to live on acreage on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, where a horse is often positioned staring at her through her window. 

Two years ago, she unearthed her Autistic identity and a year after that its ADHD twin, which explained... a lot. 

She is passionate about raising the profile of neurodivergent individuals in literature. Her most recent book is The Wonderful Thing About Phoenix Rose, which follows a neurodivergent teacher on a road trip through Eastern Australia with a similarly colourful companion and a van full of animals.

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