Christopher Raja

Christopher is an Indian-born Australian author of short stories, essays, a play and a novel. He co-authored the play The First Garden with Natasha Raja, which was performed in botanical gardens throughout Australia and published by Currency Press in 2012. His debut novel, The Burning Elephant, was published in 2015 (Giramondo). It was written with the assistance of an Australia Council New Work grant. Christopher has been twice shortlisted for the Northern Territory Writers Centre’s Chief Minister’s Book of the Year award. He migrated from Calcutta to Melbourne in 1986, and spends his time between Melbourne and Alice Springs.


Sunday, 11 July 2021, 5:15:00 am UTC


Writing your own story.

How do writers tackle the plot of a non-fiction story?

How do they choose what to put into the story and what to leave out? 

And more importantly, if it's an own story - what do you leave out to stop hurting others in your family?

Writing an own story is never easy. Sharing your soul with the world. Join  Christopher Raja as he explores how to construct an intriguing plot summary, that will still engage your readers, as well as keep true to your story.