Dr John Barletta

Since 1984 John has provided education and psychological services. He began his career as a teacher, then guidance counsellor, relationship educator, tenured senior university academic, and continued with extended studies and work in the USA and Italy. John trained at QUT (DipT, GradDipCouns), ACU (BEd), UQ (MEdSt), OhioU (PhD), and APF-Rome. As a Clinical Psychologist he bases his work on scientific research, clinical expertise, and lived experience, not crazy pop psychology.

Through of the encouragement of his wife, novelist Dr Sandra Antonelli, John has developed a passion for helping authors understand psychological issues, and integrate such ideas in their writing. Author of The Home Therapist and The Practice of Clinical Supervision, for many years he has also been the psychology expert columnist for Stylemagazine, and occasional commentator on ABC-Radio for psychological issues.


Sunday, 18 July 2021, 3:15:00 am UTC

What you might not know about psychopaths but definitely should!

While movies often portray psychopaths as evil serial killers, not all psychopaths are created equal. Most of them exhibit such harsh psychopathic traits to a much lesser degree. In fact, you've likely met (or dated) a few psychopaths; they are actually not uncommon in the world. Given that authors like to be accurate in their characterisations, this workshop will be practical for writers as it explores the origins and features of psychopaths, specifically people with narcissistic personality traits with a Machiavellian twist. This workshop will be inspirational, humorous, and interactive, with take-aways you’ll be able to apply to your writing (and life) immediately.