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Jimmy Thomson

Jimmy Thomson was only a teenager when he decided he wanted to write entertaining fiction. More than a dozen non-fiction books later, he finally achieved his ambition in 2018 with the publication of two crime novels that combine his passion for crime stories and his innate sense of humour.

Jimmy is represented by Benjamin Paz at Curtis Brown, Australia.

You can join Jimmy who is an author, journalist, scriptwriter, travel guide, strataguru … and blogger on his website.


16 July 2023 at 12:55:00 am

How to incorporate your research and travels into your books without looking like a know it all!

The setting/places within a book are important, so much so, some say it's another character.  The big question is how do you travel and research, and then utilize all that information into your work without loading your story with facts, or frivolous words that slow down your story? Can you make your setting that illusive character, and how?

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