Sophie Hamley

Sophie Hamley has worked as a bookseller, editor, writer, content producer and web producer. She was a literary agent at Cameron’s Management from 2006 until 2014; she is a past President of the Australian Literary Agents’ Association and was also a member of the Book Industry Collaborative Council. She is now a non-fiction publisher at Hachette Australia.


9 July 2022, 11:15:00 pm

Submission letters and pitching: How not to be 'a deer in the headlights'…

Submitting to an editor/agent or pitching is hard, be it in person or on paper. What should you include in your pitch to a publisher/agent and what should you avoid? This session will provide the insight of a publishing industry leader to help get your pitch to a professional and relevant standard.  Find out the what you need for producing a great pitch and the pitfalls to avoid. Includes Q&A, so please bring your questions on the day.

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Sophie Hamley

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