Vicki Bennett

Vicki Bennett is an author, artist, a corporate trainer for over three decades and an accomplished writer and entertaining speaker. She has written 30 books and written and co-produced a documentary, Never Forget Australia.
Her writing career began with personal development books and has expanded to children’s books, young adult and adult fiction. Books include: I’ve Found the Keys Now Where’s the Car? I’ve Read the Rules, Now How Do I Play the Game? Life Smart - Choices for Young People about Friendship, Family and Future, The Effective Leader, Signposts for Life, Two Pennies, The Little Stowaway and Oliver’s First Big Spy Adventure.
The Book of Hope – Antidote to Anxiety released in 2020, came from her personal experience of anxiety. Vicki felt a great need in the marketplace for an accessible book about overcoming anxiety, exploring the antidotes of sacred self-care, values driven behaviour, managing triggers, accessing gratitude, mindfulness and resilience.


Stop Sabotaging Your Writing Talent

Whether it's a novel, biography, non-fiction, autobiography or if you want to develop your blogs into a book, you can learn the skills and the mind-set to stop sabotaging your creative writing. You may be sabotaging your work by being stalled, overcome, disheartened, stuck, putting off what you really want to do, by not making the time to write or giving to everyone else to the detriment of your own creativity. Vicki Bennett will help you unleash the writer within to find the magic in writing with the flow.

Participants will walk away with an understanding of the fears that sabotage their writing and the antidote of moving forward with their creative process. They are shown how to channel their talent into their writing projects and how to get into the ‘zone’ and find the joy of writing.

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