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Inda Ahmad Zahri

Inda Ahmad Zahri seems to always have a toe in one world and a pinkie in another. She trained as a surgical doctor, but now spends much of her time writing and illustrating stories for children. Her art – rendered in watercolours and digital media – is a tug-of-war between realism and whimsy. 

Originally from Kuala Lumpur, she now splits her time between her garden home in Meanjin/Brisbane and a sandy spot in the Middle East. 

Inda is the author of several picture books including CBCA Notable title, Salih. Her latest, The Month That Makes The Year, is her first as both author and illustrator. Inda is represented by Annabel Barker Agency.

You can visit her Website or Instagram.


15 July 2023 at 4:55:00 am

You CAN draw - 10 tricks that will help

So many people believe that art is something other people were born to do. I was one of those people, until I decided to take a simple drawing lesson in my mid-30s, and never looked back. Now I am published as an author and illustrator with a dream publisher, with another author-illustrator project underway. Looking back at the last few years, I can see that the belief that art was unattainable is something that is very possible to overcome.

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