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Oliver Phommavanh

Oliver Phommavanh loves to make people laugh, whether it’s on the page writing humour for kids or on stage as a stand-up comedian. He also shares his passion for writing with kids, using his experience as a primary school teacher. Oliver has performed at various comedy and writers festivals around Australia and Asia. Oliver’s recent books include Brain Freeze, Don’t Follow Vee and Natural Born Loser, and he is best known for Thai-riffic!, Con-nerd and The Other Christy.


22 July 2023 at 3:10:00 am

Writing humour with heart

Writing funny is hard. Often what you as an author find funny, falls flat in the age group you are writing for. How do you find funny that is natural, and age appropriate and makes readers want to read your books? Find out what makes laughter sell – heaps!

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Book a Saturday or weekend ticket and join us for three weekends of events, which will all be available for re-watch for a week after each session.

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