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Danielle Binks - Agent Assessments
Danielle Binks is a Melbourne-based writer and literary agent with Jacinta di Mase Management. In 2017, she edited and contributed to Begin, End, Begin, an anthology of new Australian young adult writing inspired by the #LoveOzYA movement, which won the ABIA Book of the Year for Older Children (Ages 13+). The Year the Maps Changed, Danielle’s bestselling middle-grade novel, was a 2021 Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Notable Book, and is 2022-forthcoming in North America with Quill Tree Books. Her first solo YA novel The Monster of Her Age, released in 2021. Danielle is also teaching the ‘Writing Stream‘ for the Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University.

She really is an open book, her review blog is still up and active and she's very open about the types of books she gravitates towards. By the same token, you can look at the authors she already reps and if you're writing a little *too* similar to them, she may be unable to take you further just because she's already committed to someone.


Danielle loves voice-driven, thoughtful and complex stories for middle-grade and young adult readers. Adult romance, she loves a bit of everything (but especially contemporary romance; her fave authors in this genre are Mhairi McFarlane, Toni Jordan, Beth O'Leary, Lyssa Kay Adams, etc.) She really only wants to read manuscripts from people who are also big readers in their chosen field - readership and genre. She loves writers who are also readers and have a deep fascination and respect for their peers in their fields.


Danielle is interested in seeing:

Junior Fiction- fiction and non-fiction. I am fairly open to everything, but I especially love gender-inclusive books (so nothing overtly positioned as "boy books" and "girl books")
Young Adult- fiction and narrative non-fiction. Everything *except* family memoir/biography. Narrative Non-Fiction- if you refer to the Jacinta di Mase website I gave a detailed analysis of the non-fiction MG and YA that I am looking for and why - plus examples of books in this space and for this age that I have loved in the past.


Family Memoir/Family Biography- To be clearer; I won't say "never" about family-memoir, but the type of stuff I desperately don't want is; Convict, First Fleet, World Wars from the British/Australian perspective, "Ten Pound Poms" migration, etc. if you refer to the Jacinta di Mase website I gave detailed analysis of the non-fiction MG and YA that I am looking for, and why. But I am trying to be very conscious of holes in the market, and how many stories are already amply covered by our publishing industry.
Poo/Fart Books- You know what I mean ... I just can't get behind them. Literally and I guess, figuratively?

Danielle Binks - Agent Assessments

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    Danielle will be providing verbal feedback with her assessments.

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    • Junior Fiction
    • Narrative Non-Fiction
    • YA Writing
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    Assessment sessions:

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    • are non-refundable if cancelled after 15 May 2024 unless we are able to resell the session.
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