Danielle Binks - Agent Assessments

Danielle Binks is a writer and reviewer, with a particular interest in youth literature.In 2016 she joined the literary agency, Jacinta di Mase Management, as 'Agent-at-Large' - seeking authors of Young Adult (YA) and Middle Grade (MG) fiction works.In 2017, she edited and contributed to 'Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology', of new Australian young adult writing; inspired by the #LoveOzYA movement; and released by HarperCollins.


Anything, really. She is very keen on 'Own Voices' stories  - everything from neurodiversity, to different representation of family, sexuality, Disability and everything in-between in every single genre.


She really am an open book, her review blog is still up and active and she's very open about the types of books she gravitates towards. By the same token, you can look at the authors she already reps and if you're writing a little *too* similar to them, she may be unable to take you further just because she's already committed to someone.


One area she's keen to expand on is young-adult and middle-grade narrative non-fiction. Look at the books out of America via the YALSA Nonfiction award and know that she's keen for similar to sell in Australia. Be it about Australian events or historic figures (think Clare Wright's We Are the Rebels, YA version of her Stella-Prize winning The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka!) She really see this as a growth-area, especially after the commercial success of titles like Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu. 


Danielle is not looking for family or personal memoirs/autobiographies. 


Be warned: if you are writing first-person POV about a protagonist from a minority background, when you do not share that background - she will be asking questions, and unlikely to take you further. 

Danielle Binks - Agent Assessments

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    • YA Writing
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