Justine Barker - Agent Assessments

Justine Barker is an agent at Mayfair Literary Agency, which specialises in children’s and young adult fiction. Mayfair’s vision is to discover exceptional authors and cultivate best-selling, long term writing careers. Prior to becoming an agent, Justine was a solicitor. She spent most of her career working in government, dealing with government contracts. Justine loves working with amazing authors and illustrators!


Justine will be looking at picture books, illustrations, chapter books, young adult novels, and other CYA including:

  • Commercial picture books - that fills a gap in the market.
  • Illustrations
  • Chapter Books
  • Junior fiction / middle grade - fresh, with interesting characters.
  • Young adult - fresh and compelling, with a strong hook.
  • and other CYA.


Nothing overly violent or dark, please.

Justine will be running bootcamps for Picture Book authors.

Justine Barker - Agent Assessments

  • Feedback

    Justine will be providing written & verbal feedback with her assessments.

  • Assessment Categories

    • Chapter Books
    • Early Readers
    • Illustrations
    • Junior Fiction
    • Middle Grade
    • Picture Book
    • YA Writing
  • Important

    • Assessment sessions are only available to conference attendees at this time.
    • Assessment sessions are non-refundable unless we are able to resell the session.
    • No refunds will be made if you make an assessment booking but do not book for the Conference and your session will be cancelled.
    • You may book your session before booking for the conference however there will be a $25.00 administration charge should you decide to cancel the appointment before assessment bookings closing on 15 May 2021.

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