Teigan Margetts - Editor Assessments
  • Teigan is interested in assessing Inspiring and intriguing stories with a message (equality and nature-themed preferred).The story needs to be compelling, and the message clear.


    She will not be looking at stories about farts, bums or anything crude.

    Teigan Margetts - Editor Assessments

    • Feedback

      Teigan will be providing written feedback with her assessments

    • Assessment Categories

      • Early Readers
      • Picture Book
    • Important


      • Assessment sessions are only available to conference attendees at this time.
      • Assessment sessions are non-refundable unless we are able to resell the session.
      • No refunds will be made if you make an assessment booking but do not book for the Conference and your session will be cancelled.
      • You may book your session before booking for the conference however there will be a $25.00 administration charge should you decide to cancel the appointment before assessment bookings closing on 15 May 2021.